Gold Making on a high pop realm

Since the game servers are down I figured I would write about my experiences with making gold after the transition between a low population server, to a high population server. Back on the low population server, I could make gold, but only if my gems from the JC shuffle were a fair margin of a discount due to the fact that it was a VERY low server.

Yesterday was my first day on my new, high population server, it is hustling and bustling with activity with many players CONSTANTLY gearing up. The first thing I did on this server was immediately prospected all of the Elementium ore I brought with me from my old server (ore was 20 gold cheaper per stack on the low population realm).

Now, I dont usually post Inferno Rubies on the Auction House since it is usually faster in trade. But since it was a new server I decided to post one of each Inferno Ruby in the Auction House. To my amazement, each of the cuts sold within five minutes. I was really surprised and a little ecstatic.

I spent the next hour crafting rings and necklaces to disenchant while I constantly maintained one of each gem in the Auction House. And before you know it, I was out of gems. In total, I sold about 500 Inferno Rubies in about two hours.

The point of this post is to share my experience for gold making when I first joined a high population realm. I cannot believe I did not transfer alot sooner. Has anybody else had similar experiences? If so, share them so we can read and enjoy your experiences while we wait for servers to come back online.


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