6/8H 10m 9hrwk - Core spot for lock or mage

We are a group of close knit raiders who are progressing through HM Dragon Soul on Korgath-horde. Many of us have played together since BC, on and off Korgath in multiple high end 25 mans. After the changes to raid formats in Cata we decided to move away from 25s and all the plausible raid complications, to a core 10man with the same constant, reliable players every raid night. We formed <Wonderbread> as soon as Cata dropped and have been killing dragons since. Our raids are typically very laid back, however we get the job done. We know our classes through and through, and will expect the same out of you so we all have fun while we progress through hardmodes. Our raiders are all in college or into their careers, we like to screw around and have a good time but we do not deal with drama, and will not tolerate it.

Our guild is very close knit like I said, as we run a 10 man core u will never sit! However this also means when you miss we are hard pressed to find a friend to fill the spot. We are currently 6/8(H) with work on Spine and should be down as soon as we fill out the raid group. Our raid dps is phenomenal with all major buffs covered, and 2 legendaries in the raid(third in another week).

Progress: 6/8 H DS, 11/13 H Tier 11, 6/7 H FL (4/7 prenerf)

Raid Times: Mon, Tues, Wed 8:00-11:30pm server/Central (more often than not we are done by 11:00)

Loot: Free Roll with major upgrades typically going to whoever needs them most, since we bring the same 10 loot typically is never an issue

This would be a full time spot. If you feel like you would fit in with us and like to slay dragons go ahead and contact Doodman, Reshock, or any guild member that isn't either of us if we are unnavailable on server...


RealID: Doodman8@hotmail.com

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