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Any Aussies recieved their Mop AP invites yet for Beta?
I haven't recieved one yet. I suspect we are being left out until they want to do some lag testing /lol

PS Im not really laughing cause 'waves of invites' is rubbish
No i havnt yet, and im really dissapointed with blizzard, they did not deliver. :( you let me down Blizz
No invite yet. And I wouldn't be surprised if they put our wave behind all their US customers. But yes it is rubbish, we signed a contract on the promise of a beta invite the moment it went live... Yet another disappoint to add their long list of disappointments in recent times.
Yup, got mine, installed it, and have a Pandaren monk :) Blizz haven't let anyone down - you just haven't been playing as long as some of us, so you don't have it YET. You WILL get it - as was promised - don't be whiney and impatient :)
Because sending out 1 million + Beta invites and having everyone log into the Panda starting zone across like 2 servers is physically possible...

Cry more.
Because sending out 1 million + Beta invites and having everyone log into the Panda starting zone across like 2 servers is physically possible...

Cry more.

It's physically impossible because what you just described is not actually how it would play out.

Cry less.
i guess 277 days played just on this warlock didnt count as long enough, and the many other days played on my alts and also being a subscriber with the future process of having Diablo 3 and own a copy of Starcraft 2 ....and a custom built pc to help prevent lag. oh well i'll be happy too test the new Mist of Pandaria soon.
Thank you blizzard for looking after long time customers from Australia.
Good luck an have a nice day :)
Yeh I got mine a few days ago

maybe it's a reward for playing wow since day 1, or maybe because I don't play much these days they wanna drag me back in

sweating on diablo 3 :)
Not yet, unfortunately. I'm depressed.
There's a post today about another 100,000 spots available for beta - check your accounts.
Yeah, And they have given the next "wave" of players the ability to post on the beta part of the forums. So if you Havnt got it now nor can post of beta forums, lets hope for the 4th "wave".
2 of my Aussie friends got their's first wave. I'm still waiting.

They also haven't been playing as long as myself and some other friends I have still waiting...
pretty sure the second wave said 100,000 us beta invites going out then they did 100,000 eu invites.... pretty sure aussies arent us players :P
Not got invite yet,but not complaining. It will come. But...."not been playing as long as some of us" rattled my cage a little. Been playing since WOW was first released so age of account doesn't seem to be the criteria to meet.
Nothing for me yet. Sure, I've been playing a while but quite frankly, I'm not fussed. I like the excitement of experiencing stuff on the day I install my CE and it's all in it's final finished glory :)
2 accounts 05 and 07 same battlenet, 127 months of combined subscription, AP on the first day. Not really expecting an invite anytime soon.

Dont really expect them to add both accounts for a combined total but would be nice if they use the 05 account over the 07 one.
playin 6 years been on annual pass within a few days of invite..oceanic players again will miss out

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