Lock Meta tank: complete info consolidation

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I thought there was a beta Q&A thread but can't find it now, so here are a few questions for those of you in beta:

1. Can we actually queue as tank in LFG and LFR?

2. Does glyph of felguard work with Wrathguard? They seem to dual wield Hellreavers now, will the weapons visual be upgraded too with the glyph?

3. Does mounting take you out of Meta, or you stand on your mount like a clown? (The latter would mean they might change it later while the former might just be intended)

My point is, do we really need another tanking class? With the addition of Brewmaster, there will be 5 already. I love the idea of this for something to do occasionally, or for PvP it sounds awesome. But When I log onto my Lock it is to get away from tanking on the numerous other tanks that I already have. It's hard enough to gear a lock when you have to deal with other cloth wearing dps and heals. now you want the chance of having all 5 spots in the dungeon to be wearing cloth? It doesn't sound like very good logic on Blizz's part.
Of course this is just the opinion of one person, so it really doesn't count. I would just not get my hopes up too much. It is really close to 4/1 anyways.

1) No, we don't need another tanking class. This is not about 'needs'.

2) No one is forcing you to glyph/specc for tanking. By all means, continue to DPS with your lock, no one will care.

3) Blizz has algorithms in place to ensure that every group has a balanced group of plate/leather/clothie users in LFD and LFR.
This thread just about nails our arsenal of tanking tools, with one exception.

I feel that you're ignoring (or at least underplaying) the importance of Unbound Will. One ability that every tank is absolutely required to have (on the same level that a taunt is required) is a means to break fear/stun/sleep/etc, and Unbound Will is how we'll do it. In my mind it's going to be required in every tank build, and so far I've not seen anyone post on its importance. I see it's at 1 minute cool down now instead of 20 seconds, but it's still going to be vitally important to a tank build.

Just wanted to add that in.
All they need to do is allow Demo to queue as tanks.

I actually have a question now that I think of it, and I'm sorry if it has been answered, but

A: Is Demonic Slash a cleave effect? It didn't look like it in Naerina's video, but I could be wrong.

B: If it is not a cleave effect, does the Shadowbolt Glyph turn it into a cleave effect?

I remember reading something about it being a cleave but i'm pretty sure it isn't. If tanking goes live I seriously doubt it would be because of the aoe,single target styles of rotation around CC'd mobs and this ability being the primary way to generate fury.

As far as the shadow bolt glyph turning this into a cleave its a possibility but as of yet I do not believe it interacts with Demonic Slash at all
This is going to be amazing warlock tanks ftw ! CAN NOT WAIT!
Holy crap this is awesome! Since the glyph was discovered I have been telling my guildies not to get excited about Warlock tanking since I assumed the glyph was just for those "oh s***!" moments when the tank dies and a few seconds with a meta tank would be enough. The fact that meta turns permanent with the glyph and all the other things you all have discovered definitely points to a real meta tank. As someone said above if they get rid of this blizzard better have a very good reason.
If this has been said before, I apologize.

Why did they split druids into 4 trees if they are effectively going to implement the same broken system into warlocks? Especially with a glyph?
Speculation is generally that the glyph is a temporary measure, and they plan to either make Demo tank only, or make a 4th spec before Mists releases.
The last this Blizzard needs to implement a spec ,going into the 4th expansion, that over 90% of the player base would not know how to play it. Think about this - blizzard might as well let u pay for a class change if they implemented a warlock tank spec. A majority of the players would be lvl 85 warlocks who haven't leveled in their tank spec and would have 5 levels to learn the class all over. It would be a disaster, the whole idea of specs being specs is that typically u level as one spec, learn it and perfect it. Even more basically u level as 1 role and learn that role, allowing a class that has only ever had a single role to now fill another role this late in the game would ruin world of warcrafts community. If they gave warlocks a tanking spec they might as well give mages a tank spec, hunters a healing spec and rogues a tank spec - seriously think about the repercussions of this - I feel for you locks, suffering the nerf bat and being sub par since the launch of wrath must hurt - but sometimes u gotta throw in the towel and re-roll - if u wanna tank I would bet monk would be a great place to start fresh. Its time to stop living on champagne dreams, your hayday has come and gone - y'all should redirect your wishes to being buffed more on the pvp aspect - you would have more luck
Because no one has ever learned a spec they haven't played before end-game, ever. All those people who leveled as Ret on their Paladins? Not one of them picked up tanking or healing and did well. Nope.
No one seem to have mentioned it, but back in WotLK, when our guild did 25 man Sartharion with 3 drakes up, a demo lock was tanking Sarth with his voidwalker while the rest of the group was burning down the drakes. But, if I remember right, Blizzard changed quickly how stamina scaled between lock and VW. Good times tho.

I guess this time around, Demo tanking could become the real deal. If it does, it'll give me an incentive to max level my lock-alt that's been sitting around with the BoA's lol.
As I've been absorbing the info here, I think the large problem is the disparity in balance with other tanks in very specific circumstances that this tanking model will encourage. We already saw this happen in T12 and T13 to sharp degrees that necessitated buffs to DK/druid tanks.

The current lock model gives a strong incentive to use locks when absorption/mitigation is the prevalent goal to tanking the encounter (i.e. unavoidable magic damage, some cases of spike damage), rather than predictable white damage/avoidable special attacks and stacking debuffs (i.e. - Baleroc, Ragnaros).

One quick solution could be simply:

Change one of the current CD's to give dodge instead. A warlock mini-Evasion (~20%), 1-2 min CD would work well I think.

I just think it would diversify the toolkit better and decrease the staggering incentive to use or bench a 'lock tank on certain types of fights where the avoidance is essential or irrelevant, respectively.
The glyph makes no sense for the purpose that Ghostcrawler describes. Sacrificing a ton of dps for the ability to pick up a boss for a few seconds on the chance that that could prevent a wipe would be idiotic. Additionally for that simple purpose, a ton of extra and complicated functionality was added. It's weird. But what the lead designer says goes. It's a shame. I was looking forward to trying tanking out.
This glyph is not an "oh crap" moment. By taking this glyph, you effectively gimp your dps. And you can't swap glyphs in combat. Considering all the changes to the many skills, I'd say it was at least fairly well thought out by Blizzard and are seriously considering tanking on locks. No fool of a dps would use this glyph.
Bliz says no!!!
We want to tank, let us tank.

you want to tank, i don't.

Am I the only warlock that thinks our class being able to tank is stupid? We're a DPS class, that wears CLOTH and does MAGIC damage. Why do you fools feel that we should be able to tank?

Now I do believe that Demo locks are entitled to the best survivability among the caster DPS specs, however I do not think that warrants the label of "tank."

I am so glad Bliz came out and clearly stated that their intentions are to NOT make demo locks tanks. Thank you Blizzard.

you are not alone!
Ah damn, GC confirmed that it isn't intended to be a perma-tank thing. Oh well, still a cool glyph- and great groundwork for a lock tank in 6.0!!

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