Get that Achievement IX

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Traveler's Tundra Mammoth obtained at the cost of my poor gold savings :(

Melisma did you know that [There's Gold In That There Fountain], you only have two coins left to get, go finish them!
Ohlookashiny, man you were hard to find something for.

Go get Bounce.
Coming back to ask for a reassignment, as Old Ironjaw is way to RNG for me.

Torgaddon, go get exalted with the Argent Dawn to become [The Argent Champion], a title fitting for a paladin like you.
[Northrend Dungeon Hero] done!

Alithina, go to Wyrmrest Temple and grab [Rapid Defense]!
[Rapid Defense] complete.

Allysanne, all of us work hard, so prove how hard you work by showing that you're [Working Day and night].
[The Czar of Sporeggar] and [The Diplomat] finally complete. (Took me forever to figure out the Sanguine Hibiscus quest NPC was moved INSIDE the dungeon >___>....)

Alithina, let's bring you one step closer to the [Loremaster of Cataclysm] by wrapping up [Fading into Twilight].
[To Hellfire and Back] is finally complete.

Arbeiten - Go to Undercity and finish the last cooking daily for [Let's Do Lunch: Undercity]
You'll get 2 achievements :)
1000 Conquest Points achieved.

Meru go eat way too many cookies and get You'll Feel Right as Rain!
Coming in new to this. :O

Sibenice, go finish up some artifacts for those last four races and complete It's Always in the Last Place You Look.
It's Always in the Last Place You Look completed!

Nicklas, go to Arathi Highlands Quests. There's only 18 and it'll get you one step closer to Loremaster. :)
I am now Torgaddon The Argent Champion.

Sibenice [Earth, Wind & Fire (25 Player)]
I'm so many achievement points behind some of you - so put me to work!

@Torgaddon, You're well on your way to Loremaster, so go knock out the worst part of Outland to get you in to the questing mood - [Into the Nether] is your assignment.
If you are up for some achievement work, Aleksia, try your hand at completing [Northrend Dungeonmaster]
Finished those darn coins for [There's gold in that fountain]

Rebbatskcab, go ahead and get [Minesweeper] to finish up that category!
[Minesweeper] Completed

Melisma, impress our Wildhammer allies and complete the [Wildhammer Tour of Duty]
[Minesweeper] Completed

Melisma, impress our Wildhammer allies and complete the [Wildhammer Tour of Duty]

Have fun fishing in Orgrimmar for [Old Crafty].
03/28/2012 02:00 AMPosted by Gowhthedough
Have fun fishing in Orgrimmar for [Old Crafty].

You have:

To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before
To All The Squirrels Who Cared For Me

Now go get:

To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life
Arathi Highlands quests completed.

Raimondas, go find a Double Rainbow.
[Let's Do Lunch: Undercity] Complete.

Nicklas, you're 1 away from [35 Exalted Reputations]! Might I suggest proving yourself to the Cenarion Circle for 2 achievements? 105 pts!
Despite not being updated on my achievements apparently - [Northrend Dungeonmaster] is complete.

@Arbeiten, I'm going to send you to one of my favorite zones in the game. Go out and get [Ghostlands Quests].

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