Get that Achievement IX

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Pleasde let me know if I am doing this wrong...
Påechinois, head to borean tundra and become an P.I.T.A for D.E.H.T.A : )
D.E.T.H.A little P.I.T.A completed !
silentdoom: only one tabard to go, go get ten tabard ! ^^
25 cooking awards obtained!
Patechinois, time to get into a [Fungal Frenzy]
I finally got that Friend of Fowl achievement. So I'm ready for something else.

Hey Palsi, I'm shocked and appalled. You need to PvP more. Warlock teleporting is just so much fun! But really, there's this "under the rainbow" in Battle for Gilneas. I bet it would just take your breath away.

Now go get Double Rainbow!
10 Tabards complete!

Feythylan, go take care of that blood elf in Mgt giving everyone a bad name and kill Kael'thas Sunstrider.
Shania, so close to your final tabard meta! Grab your 25th tabard by maxing out exalted with The Earthen Ring, 40 points for two achievements!
Maballsies - Get yourself 525 cooking for 2 achievements, Illustrious Grand Master Cook, as well as Working around the clock!

Would like a secondary assignment while I camp my last book for Higher Learning. (have a 2nd account sitting there watching it)

No questing please, I am doing loremaster next week while I recover from surgery
Explore Outland completed!!! : )

Abeblinkin my initial reaction is to tell you to go kill Al'akir, and get two achievements in one, however I know how hard a raid can be to come by (especially for "out dated" content) so Ill let you you chose, Kill Al'akir in throne of the four winds for [Defender of a shattered world][Throne of the four winds] or get a few friends and complete [From hell's heart I stab at thee] and kill the whale shark.

(I must admit, im grasping at straws here but these should be nicely accessible)
[Double Rainbow!] completed!
Silentdoom, go get [They Love Me In That Tunnel]
Ive got tunnel love, [They Love Me In That Tunnel]

Palsi, go get exalted with Rhamaken and you get 2 possibly 3 achievements : )
i got my Cenarion War Hippogryph today sweet mount
I'm only 900/3000 with Ramaken so a different achieve would be nice while i work on it :(
Anyway Silentdoom, go get [The Old Gnome and the Sea]

Get yourself 450 First Aid (And perhaps you will find yourself with the motivation to get it up to 525 ;D) to have skillz to pay the billz

I went and stabbed myself a shark. twice. after a crushing 4% wipe getting too excited. I went and punched a kitten, and took another go at it. flawlessly killing the whale shark in just under 7 minutes.

No Questing please - doing loremaster when I recover from surgery next week.

Edit! Almost forgot, dont assign higher learning again. camping it on a 2nd account, its my current main achiev assignment, but I like something else to do besides stare at a bloody bookshelf
Working around the Clock completed!

Abeblinkin go get It belongs in a museum!
[First Aid Grand Master] complete!

Rotterra, go get [What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine]
05/09/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Silentdoom
Feythylan, go take care of that blood elf in Mgt giving everyone a bad name and kill Kael'thas Sunstrider.

That one didn't take very long. And hey! There was a surprise cut scene with some killer music. That's what I love about this - there's always some surprise. I'm ready for the next one!

Palsi again!

You know I love PvP. You should too! Warlocks are so much fun. And each one you do gets you closer to completing 100 BGs for Call to Arms! But I'm not cruel. I don't want to give you awful ones - there are so many hard PvP achieves. So make yourself some Great Feasts and take them to PvP to get the Dinner Impossible Achievement for Cooking!
Karazhan is complete, also went and got Outland Raider and the legendary bow :D. Feyth you like PvP huh well go and prove that you are a Grizzled Veteran.
[The Old Gnome And The Sea] complete!

To PvP or not to PvP, that is the question... Padilius, head to straglethron and loot the chest in the booty bay arena here is a little info ( but a just a quick note, the event happens every three hours starting at 12am server.

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