Get that Achievement IX

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Explore eastern kingdoms done!

Drquann go get what was briefly yours is now mine. Only one more to go!
What was briefly yours is now mine - Done.

Rotterra, please complete Duel-icious.

Please give me a harder one this time guys. Usually I let my achievement points do the talking, but i'm looking for an actual challenge this time and i'm a bit of an over achiever.


Posting a lot in here could get you in trouble i think Drquann.

Since you've already been asked to go get what is briefly yours is now mine, I think it you may need to keep Indiana Jonesing it up and blue streak.
Aight Boi, you listen to me now
I'm sick of you mutt dogs giving me easy achievements. I'm the king. You see my achievements? 12470. That kind of figure demands respect. From now on I will no longer accept challenges from anyone below my achievement points. Sick of dealing with wannabe idiots thinking they can tell me what to do.
Whats your idea of a hard achievement? Since most achievements fall under the grind it out til you get it done but its not hard category or just getting lucky. Since most achievements that you don't yet have are stepping stones to other achievements I wouldn't ask you to get 'Hail to the Chef' or 'It Belongs in a Museum' before some of the others. Are those achievements hard? No. They're just time consuming as hell.

How about Battle for Gilneas Assassin or if you're feeling really industrious Master of the Battle for Gilneas?

If you want an appropriate grind, then so be it! Go finish Loremaster. The Meta. :P

(And I may not have 13k achieves, but this is my 4th toon with over 7000 achieves! :) ) ... Happy Grinding!
Duelicious completed!

Shearia go get the diplomat!
Duelicious completed!

Shearia go get the diplomat!

Go kill the rest of those Alliance scum and get (1000 Honorable Kills) :D
Diplomat/Maghar rep completed!

Trollsmoke, Find that missing pet and get the Reeking Pet Carrier! (Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart)
Shop Smart, Shop Pet....Smart done!

Shearia, go run Trial of the Champion and kill Eadric the Pure!
Minutes to Midnight done!

Trollsmoke go quest in Ashenvale!
1000 honorable kills done!

comatosis go get overly defensive!
@Rotterra, I have two for you!

First Equip a better Weapon! get 2 achievements right there if you get an upgrade!

Second Level up your First aid!
Ashenvale quests complete!

Vanche, get your exterminator on and go kill those last 2 you need for Pest Control!
Epic and catalymicaly epic completed. And also maxed out first aid!

Trollsmoke go get lunch lady!
Rotterra go get Diggerest, Good Luck!
Lunch Lady complete!

Warriorgamma, go house 5 new companions and get Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart!
Trollsmoke get 'tastes like chicken' !
Tastes like Chicken complete!

Muffalita, go /love that Sassy Cat for "To all the Squirrels who cared for me"!
Trollsmoke, there's an infestation of druids in Wailing Caverns. Clean'em out, and while you're at it hit Dire Maul and Scholomance to get [Classic Dungeonmaster]!

I'm currently 95 Heavy Junkboxes away from Insane in the Membrane, so I need a new project to work on. No PvP please, otherwise anything goes. ^^

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