Get that Achievement IX

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Keldrath I see you only have 2 out of the 8 books needed for [Higher Learning] Why dont you go back to Dalaran and find the 6 books you still need :)
Stonetalon quests done!

Azinea, cook some Great Feasts & feed some battlegrounds for [Dinner Impossible]!
[Well Read] completed!

gummi, I'm sorry, but....It's Turtles All the Way Down!!!
Northrend Dungeonmaster done!

Melisma go get stocking up!
Can't remember the last one assigned.

rottera, get digger
[Pest control] completed!

Rahkarn get the last 1,1kg left for [Got my mind on my money]
Finishing up Well Read, lot of traveling there!

Knockedone, I'll give you the same assignment, Well Read!
Don't worry it looks like a lot but only takes a little while!
Got AQ20 done since the end of the last thread asked me to do so.

For Zamuron above, hmmm, how about Clearing the Mechanar?
Tseirp, why not finish up [The Cataclysmic Gourmet]?
Loving all those squirrels took a while.
Baristolth get 5 more Isle of Conquest victories and become [Isle of Conquest Veteran]
Coming back to ask for a reassignment since the cake does indeed seem to be a lie.

Dalirious, i see you have yet to pay some homage to one of the many memes spawned from WoW. I think you can change that however by doing [ Leeeeeeroy!!].
Finished Well read ! Lot of travel lol

Aran, become : The fishing diplomat !
I am now Dalirious Jenkins
Knockedone, venture [Deep into Deepholm] and finish those 10 quests you have left.
Done with [Fungal Frenzy]
keldrath I hope your thirsty because you get to [Drown Your Sorrows]
[The fishing Diplomat] finished.

Astrapous, You've done alot, but sometimes it's good to get back to nature. Lucky for you that's easy to do by getting eaclted with the Cenaron circle and earn your [guardian of Cenarius] title.
35 Exalted Reps completed.

Aransamus, I'd like you to finish your rep with the Gnomes and become an ambassador.
[You'll Feel Right as Rain] is done! I just gained 20 lbs from all them cookies >_<

Nicklas, Go to outland and get the achievement for [Blade's Edge Bomberman]
Digger completed!

Meru go get pest control!
Killed all the pests for [Pest Control]

Rotterra, Learn one more cooking recipe for [Lunch Lady]!

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