<Desire> 6/10M GMT+8 LF Tank + Holy Pally

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WTB more healers!

Preference towards Monks, Druids & Shamans
Bump :)

If you are an awesome healer or warlock please apply!
Bump before bedtime!

Goodnight Aman'thul!
sry for the belated updates, but here we go with updated progression and recruitment needs =)
still looking for a good warlock and healer!
updating for fresh H Spirit Kings kill! warlock and healer spot still up for grabs!! =)
still looking for a skilled, experienced druid/monk healer
now looking for a rogue as well, bump!
Bump for a tank
just looking for a healer now =)
still looking for a druid/monk healer, and one exceptional rogue
Bump for heroic Garalon & Wind Lord Mel'jarak!
resto druids/mw monks, come grab your leather sp gear b4 they get sharded!! =P
opening a spot for a good hunter as well - bump!
still looking for a capable druid/monk healer, and a hunter/rogue
Bump for HM Will down!
bump with updated recruitment needs
Bump for HM Vizier :)

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