<Desire> 6/10M GMT+8 LF Tank + Holy Pally

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thanks for the bump towelliee - updated for current progress in ToT =)
bump for 5 bosses down! tank spot still up for grabs!
what is a raider to do when servers are down? bump recruitment threads of course! =)
Bump for 11/12 ToT.
bump =)
bump for 12/12 =)
Grats on 12/12.
bump for our first heroic boss this tier! =)
recruitment needs have been further narrowed down and updated! we're pretty close to closing-off recruitment soon, so hurry and put in your apps soon! =)
fresh H Ji-Kun kill!! =)
opening up a spot for a good mage =)
bump for fresh H Horridon kill! still looking for a good prot pally and mage as priorities!
Well done on the 3/13! Hope to see Desire on top for a long time to come. :)
thanks for the friendly bump Ryan!
fresh H Tortos kill! still looking for 1 or 2 more quality players! =)
Grats on 4/13, very solid kills.
thanks Annihilator! grats to you too on your recent kills =)

anyways, bumping with updated recruitment needs
Bump! Still looking for HM ToT ready healers, core spots up for grabs!
Core spots for healers still available!

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