[H] 25 Man 7/8H DS LF Ranged + Melee DPS!

Guild Recruitment
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Guild Name: Apples
Server: Sisters of Elune
Website: http://www.ApplesGuild.com
GM's REALID: EllachWoW@gmail.com

Current 25 Man Progression:
7/8 Heroic DS 25 man. One raid away for 8/8 server first. (Updated 5/5/12)
6/7 HM Fireland bosses on 25 man (pre-DS release)
Every guild server first in Cataclysm except for Heroic Rags (which hasn't been claimed yet, but we will)

We do not ever switch to 10 man for kills.

Past Progression:
12/12 ICC 25 HM - Server First Light of Dawn and Bane of the Lich King, With Drakes
5/5 ToGC 25 HM - Server First Grand Crusader
12/12 Uld 25 HM - Server First Death's Demise and Drakes
Naxx 10 and 25 man Drakes. Server First titles on Naxx, Maly, and Sarth.
Extensive TBC full-clear from Kara to SWP.

High Recruitment Needs:
Any kind of DPS!

We just need a couple solid DPS to round our our roster. We are not in a made scramble to recruit. Our raiders show up and we fill raids just fine. Will only take someone if we are right for them and they are right for us.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 7:00 - 10:00 (CST)
Thursday: 7:00 - 10:00 (CST)
Sunday: 6:00 - 10:00 (CST)
(be online 15 - 30 minutes before the posted raid time for invites and raid prep. Exceptions can be made if we can work something out)

*Experienced in what you do, and the with current content we are working on.
*Geared/gemmed/enchanted appropriately, and at a high enough level to jump directly into raiding.

We only raid 3 nights a week, so when it is raid time we expect 100% focus on getting the job done. We've accomplished everything we've done in this schedule. We've been on this schedule and pushing content ever since the launch of TBC. We are a stable guild and the people that join are lifers. You can track our accomplishments on our forums in the general news all the way back to Gruuls.

Attendance Requirements:
All raiders must hold a 75% raid attendance. Trials must be at 100% or close to it during their trial period. We do not have a "core" or a "back up" raider rank, all raiders are equal once they pass their trial in this sense and we try to have a fair rotation so everyone goes on standby equally, even officers.

We use a bidding DKP system. You gain DKP from attendance and can bid it how you please. Highest bid wins the item for the cost of the second highest bidder's bid +1. You must bid at least 10% of your DKP as a minimum bid. This is a very fair system that new people seem to get the hang of and enjoy very quickly.

About Sisters of Elune:
Sisters of Elune is an RP server. Its not as bad as you think. Really. You'll have to go pretty far out of your way to find actual RP. We are a PvE guild, and that's all. WE DO NOT RP. It's simply a more relaxed server without a majority of the kiddos, trolls, leet speakers and whatever. We also have the perk of having all the server firsts available to us, to do at our own convenience. You will get server firsts here. We can explain further perks if this is a hang up for you.

Zero Drama Policy:
We're all adults here, and we expect people who raid with us to be adults. We have a good time and joke around when applicable, however, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding drama or extreme immaturity. We are here to raid and kill internet dragons, not fight amongst ourselves, rant in guild chat, spam/troll/harass trade chat, or anything else that makes the guild look bad. That stuff will be met with a /gkick.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in being apart of our guild just go here and fill out an app: http://applesguild.com/apply.php


Contact Ellach and set up a vent interview. REALID: EllachWoW@gmail.com

If you have any further questions you can contact Ellach, Christel, Algebra, or Malakoji on Sisters of Elune or check our website for addition info.

Thanks for your time!
apply! need more priest friends.
I'll be your holy/disc.
03/26/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Kuruption
I'll be your holy/disc.

Then we will need a resto druid.
Resto druids are a lie.
Bumpy ride.
\o/ new thread!
New Thread ... new apps ... let's get it on !
lol 25mans
Wooo, Apples.
Looking for female pandas

...what, they're adorable come on

P.S. I like people that heal stuff. If you heal stuff, you should totally apply.
03/26/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Ellach
I'll be your holy/disc.

Then we will need a resto druid.

I can do both!
Need more apple friends.
Looking for more.
Any night owls out there looking for a guild? Probably not...
How about morning risers looking for a new guild ?
f the piloce

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