Hi Brock

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Sandy here.. I administer the Lightbringer In Real Life site. I am happy to bring it to Lightbringer, and I hope some of you will contribute. You can also submit screenshots and guild group character portraits. Enjoy!

legit site, check out the emerald dream one we could have one like that
Looks prettyyy legit
yeah it hopefully will catch on. the other servers have tons
Yay! First brave soul sent in a photo. So pretty too. Thanks for contributing!
You are too nice, thank you :)
lots of people are telling me once people start posting they will as well lol. so the more the better :]
I got banned the last time I posted my picture
sounds hawt
Sent in pic about an hr ago, no updates yet, was hoping for new pics already!
The admin personally adds the pictures, after you email them to her so trolls dont ruin it. She seems to do it regularly so hopefully there will be more tonight
Its getting late and no update!
Sorry, I usually post them up faster but I was out of town all day. Lightbringer has some pretty cute girls, but it needs more guys please! Marc I won't ban you. Send me your pics. The email is at the top of the website.
Sent :)
I'm new to the server, but I figure I might as well participate to get to meet some new people. I'll send in mine later tonight.

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