Hi Brock

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Hi Sindy,
I would love to see your toon all geared up on the armory, since you are a gamer right?
I think people are scared to post pics! Either that or this needs to be <<<bumped>>>!
Hi! I have a bunch of loot cards and I thought I would give them out as an incentive to send in your IRL pics. Next 3 people who contribute will receive a loot card code to redeem for in game loot! To contribute just follow the directions at the top of the site:


Your choice, first come first serve, of:

Vicious Grell pet
Nightsaber Cub pet
Hummels Pet Biscuit
Grim Campfire
Landro's Lil XT pet
War Party Hitching Post

Edit: All prizes were awarded. Thanks to those who contributed their photos.
i guess ill bump
Keep em comin
bump yall
I like how brock is super stoked about this, but i dont see any brock pics.

pics 4 pics bra
I had some but no one was doing it so i took down, ill post some just for you bb.

"Emailed" mine.
Still waiting brock. But while im waiting i guess i'll post mine. :3
Malware warnings all over this site.
06/07/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Kaelas
Malware warnings all over this site.

According to Google's Safe Browsing diagnostics page, there's no malicious file(s) in the code or anywhere on Blogger, for that matter. Sucuri SiteCheck is also coming up clean with the following results;

Status: Verified Clean
Web Trust: Not Blacklisted

Blacklisted: No
Malware: No
Malicious javascript: No
Malicious iFrames: No
Drive-By Downloads: No
Anomaly detection: No
IE-only attacks: No
Suspicious redirections: No
Spam: No

Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing
Domain clean by Norton Safe Web
Domain clean on Phish tank
Domain clean on the Opera browser
Domain clean on Sucuri IP/URL malware blacklist

You can feel free to download all of the malware trackers you can find and test all of them but if there was anything malicious about Blogger or that particular blog, Sucuri SiteCheck surely would've set off a warning signal.
o sup guis
Eh, everybody has already seen me on my live stream. I sent a picture.
thank you duvai for clearing that up, lazy brock is posting right meow
06/10/2012 08:07 AMPosted by Brock
thank you duvai for clearing that up,

You're welcome.

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