how long for skoll and loq?

2 months and still no sighn or even close. thinking of xferring to a low pop just to get them.
Here's a tip that helped me. Northrend can only hold 5 rare spawns. So plant ur hunter and rarespawn hunting ms check his spawn locations nd loq's nd you'll get. Only took me 2 hours2get skoll. But they'll only spawn if they're off they're timers
Is it just a spirit beast you are after or is it Skoll & Loq specifically? I found the Northrend spirit beasts a lot harder to find than the new Cata ones. Everytime I'd log on, I'd search for the Northrend spirit beasts, and most times had no luck. I have managed to find a few though between my 2 hunters.

I'd suggest in the interim, going for one of the Cata spirit beasts, that way you have at least 1 until you find one of the Northrend ones you want.

I found the Owl - Ban'thalos in Mt Hyjal the easiest one to find. I guess becuase I was doing the dailys there I would bump into him at least 2 - 3 times a week by chance. I've tamed him 3 times between the 2 hunters, and killed him at least 10 times. A bit tricky if you don't have a parachute but it is do-able.

I've heard some horror stories about people camping out for Loq and other Northrend beasts. I'd suggest doing a fly by when you log on, and if you get lucky - great, otherwise I wouldn't waste time just camping them. Could take ages.

Good luck bro!
I ended up getting loq like my third time checking his spawns out. checked the gorilla spawns around the top of the hour, e.g. 1pm-1:10pm. Did that a few times and eventually saw him. Got Arcturus the same way, haven't bothered with Skoll yet
It's called camping for more than just an hour and praying for the best. I rounded up all spirit beasts up in one day,less than 6hrs of work. Should be fairly simple now with all most nobody being out there now.
Loq can be found by flying around the inner edges of the cliffs that make up the basin. The reason being of all sbeast he has the most spawn locations and their all allong the cliff base of that zone: Thats how I found mine.
It took me over two weeks of PLAYED time to get Loque. Of course that was early in Wrath, and he was heavily camped.

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