Hi, I am Sneezes

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I missed all cataclysm and now I am back to continue adventuring, however my realm is pretty much dead with little to no world pvp left, and I hear Kiljaeden is good

Heres a video I made of my mischiefs in WOTLK

Will Kiljaeden welcome me?
We're sitting in vent having a laugh at your video. We would kindly accept you and your witty antics.

Kat, our resident _ILF, says she wants you.
Hey, Sneezes. I liked the video. You're more than welcome to be a part of our guild, dude.
well hi sneezes i am kat. i loved your video and i am positive that you would find a home here. there are many fine guilds on kj both large and small that would consider your antics welcoming and inspiring without a doubt.

the guild i am in is a lil smaller than some at just over 100 active members at a couple of months old. my main (not this toon) is a dragonslayer but i wanted to pvp so i put my alts in this guild and i am having loads of fun! we are a pretty tight knit guild and love to have the same sort of fun that you have posted in your video. as a matter of fact, the gm of this guild, keylogthis has many very cute video's of his own. you can look him up on vimeo.com just type in keylogthis. here is one i found of keylog and his balloon.

we are mostly wpvp, and have a couple of rbg teams that just got up and running. many many in the guild are long time players and many more have been on server since beginning, so we are a good solid close knit group of players we would welcome you with open arms. good luck in your search.
woah! thanks for all the kind comments, i will be transferring this weekend most surely >:)
bwahaha, that sounds like fun
oh no no no, gnome forever <3
wierd i thought i made a post and now it is gone and i have to do it again. i think gnomes are adorable and goblins are kinda cute too but can you get a mustache like that on a goblin? if not then stay gnome!

also...some place on these forums is this exact same post, but probably on a thread that has nothing to do with gnomes or mustaches. awkward i guess. well maybe it will liven up whichever thread it is on!
I heard green gnomes are lepers. ;)

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