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Just get out of a bad guild relationship? Come feel the love in <Rebounded>: a LGBT friendly crew of social gamers!

TL:DR History: Three casual raiders with a three year friendship landed on this island in January of 2012, in search of gold and treasures. The natives were friendly and they eventually banded together under the <Rebound> tag, a fierce (snap snap) crew of misfits. Alas, the captain of the crew fell in love with a native and left the ship, to properly court the lass. Now ( a few pets and apartments later) they’ve rejoined the game together, under the flag <Rebounded>. These are their stories. *gavel sounds*

Goals: We play WoW, specifically, to have fun with people whose company we enjoy, in an environment that we enjoy. We are neither a strict raiding guild nor a pure social guild. People are welcome as long as they broadly fit into our community, regardless of if they come to hang out to raid. Being a member does not mean that we expect you to raid with us, nor that you are guaranteed a raid spot with us.

Site: Rebounded.enjin.com We accept individuals to the Guild based on forum application.

Who are we looking for?: You. No, really. Ok, maybe. Apply if you still see magic in the game, get excited when you see a new dragon or raid boss. If you enjoy both the serious (pewpewing some bosses) and the fun (guild photo party on a remote beach with BBQs), please apply. We are not a home to those specifically focused on Rated BGs, Arenas, cutting edge progression including heroic mode raiding, e-drama or loot hoarding. If you log the game to max out VPs and Lockouts before bitterly saying the game is too easy, we’re not for you. We have nothing against the BGers, Arena-ers and amazing raiders of the world but we know our focus and that is not it- though we have gladly helped our guildies that have come to love those things find new homes rather than hold them back, because at the end of the day the game is about the social aspects to us. :] Transfers and re-rollers welcome, alts welcome, new Scrolled 80s wandering in a changed world welcome.

Raid: Flex raiding will come when the numbers allow. Sunday, EST timezone, specific time TBD.

Contact: You can reply to this post or contact me via our website. If you wanna snag me in game, my battle tag is Sifner#1975.
I second this post- I have two Horde toons in this guild and it is an EXTREMELY friendly atmosphere. :)
Looking for a supportive, friendly guild? Then Rebound is definitely for you. I joined about a month ago and all the members I have met are both incredibly nice, incredibly skilled and always willing to give you a hand to get geared (even if it involves Santa suits).

Scared of doing that raid or LFR for the first time? Then there is a good chance a more experienced Bounder will go with you and make sure you do not die in the fire. Have questions about your class? Another member will be more than happy to give you advice without being a condescending jackass.

Overall, Rebound is a great guild for any level of player and good for both those who have been in guilds before or are complete guild newbies (like I was).

Thanks guys :).
Thanks Neura <3
And Em you loved my Santa suit. Kthx. :p
Just wanted to pop in here and gives my thumbs up about the good things said about the guild so far.

I know a lot of guilds claim to be ok with casual players, and then the tune changes and suddenly you're getting grief for not wanting to raid or do hundreds of heroics. I can tell you for sure that's not the case with Rebound. So if you think you're interested but were worried about that scenario, don't be! I'm a more casual player myself, and I've been playing with the core members of Rebound for years and it's been a ton of fun, from the guild heroic runs to the random beach BBQ dance parties. Mostly the random beach BBQ dance parties.

So if you're interested, join on up with us, we'll be happy to have you.
Not trying to brag...but we're pretty awesome. ;D Among the usual stuff such as dungeons and LFR we also like to partake in mumble shenanigans or rally the guildies and roll through an old raid.
I just had to come say how much I love being in this guild :D I joined Rebound about a month ago and I've been having the greatest time. The members are all awesome and the officers are always really helpful. If you're looking for a no-stress guild that has fun and does things together (from random dance parties, to dungeons, to lowbies leveling together), this is definitely the place for you :)
This is by far the nicest group of people I've ever encountered in the game thus far! Extremely helpful, very fun to chat with and just overall wonderful! No pressure, no stress! If you have a great sense of humor and are looking for a laid back enviroment then look no further! Join our group and get ready for a good time everytime you're online!
Bump lala.
I have two toons in this guild. Its a really friendly guild. Did normal 10 man DS yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I will recommend Rebound if you are a casual player and just want to hang and chill and just have fun playing WoW.
You guise have the cutest recruitment ad/guild name ever.

I don't have any horde toons (well, none that I ever play, anyway), but *thumbs up*
:D Thank you. I love your guild name too. :]
The most helpful and active guild I've ever been in, you definitely won't regret joining this one! :)
Still looking for great people to join this awesome community!
Hey all,

Just to save time and perhaps answer some of the questions from those of you that I'm playing mail tag with in game- please feel free to visit/register to our site and poke around, read things. Some of the more frequently asked questions should be satisfied that way. :]
This guild has been most welcoming and fun to be around of all the guilds I've ever been in. These are true players; not drama queens, not a bunch of greedy kids, no whiners, beggars or thieves. These are smart people: S-M-R-T smart! There is a true spirit of cameraderie AS IT SHOULD BE, with the added plus of everyone having mad senses of humor. If you're looking for a solid guild, this is the one.
Where to start.......First, Rebound is exactly as advertised: helpful, considerate, and friendly due in part to all of our contributing members and maybe the GM(Cas) and officers(Me, Sab) alittle. We offer everything from raiding to sitting around in mumble and having Cas talk your leg off. Rebound is not your normal, "Hey we have a Tabard, join us" guild. We want everyone that comes to Rebound to stay because they have fun and their friends are there. If you are interested please check our website or you can pst me and any of the other officers. Hope to see you in game!
We totally have a tabard.
Update: Still welcoming all the new socials players/rerolls to the guild, but seeking a few more to iron out our two casual raid teams. Weds/Thurs 7:30 pm server for group 1 and 5:30 pm server Sundays for group 2. Could use an OT for group one with a solid dps OS.

Still welcoming all the new socials players/rerolls to the guild, but seeking a few more to iron out our two casual raid teams. Weds/Thurs 7:30 pm server for group 1 and 5:30 pm server Sundays for group 2. Could use an OT for group one with a solid dps OS, a solid full time healer ( disc priest, h-pal) for group 2 Sundays at 5:30 pm server.

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