[H] <Rebounded> Is looking for You!

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/bump for those not sucked into D3 ;]
C'mon now do the bump!
Hey there, I'd suggest checking out/registering to our website and dropping Caswyn a PM. :]
Always welcoming friendly faces looking for a home for MoP.
Sunday casual raiders welcome as well. :]
i heard that these guys have a jar of awesome. if you join they let you have a taste
You dork. I have a keg of awesome. Way to give out my secret!
/bump for all the awesome <3
/bump nice group of ppl <3
/ bump for updates on the opening post. P.S: My DK finally got his Sea Turtle
Bump for summer.
bump for a bumpity ole' time....er

great guild!
/fist bump
bump bump-ity-bump
/upwards bump

Seeing a lot of people renewing their subscriptions and server transferring (this weekend is 25%off!) before MoP - best of luck all on finding the perfect guild fit. :)
damn you for making me think about faction transferring :P

I *have* always wanted to be an orc shaman...
Proudmoore Horde side can always use some more friendly people. :)
If you're a hordie on Proudmoore...Rebound is where you wanna be. I know from experience.

Rebound is currently being infiltrated by Stonewall! >.>
We're happy to host some of your Horde alts. ;]

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