[H] <Rebounded> Is looking for You!

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So happy to have found Rebound! Has made Proudmoore feel just like I've been here all along. Hit any of us up in-game if you have any questions, always lookin' for new fellow bounders!
MoP is finally coming! stuff to do, and Rebound is the place for it!

(show over, dvd being released soon)
Cake, I can't say I'm sold on this whole "you being naked" thing. >_>
Jealous of these goblin abs eh?

Im decent again :)
Hi Lady's and Gentlemen. I just had to say Thank you to the Staff and Members of Rebound, you all are Amazing. So anyone out their looking for a Place to have fun and call home look us up. I'm Glad I found them you will too.
Glad to have you Con ;)
Welcome Condarr! Fabulous to have you!
Great bunch of people, looking forwards to MoP. :D
Caswyn 2012
Can't wait to jump into MoP with ya'll!
Need a guild for MoP? Come check out Rebound! We have bamboo!
This is the thread that made me join Rebound. It's very relaxed and friendly. Lots of guild chat and people wanting to run dungeons, kill elites etc.

It's just a nice community.

This IS the guild you're looking for *wiggles fingers*
If you're looking for new pastures during the winter time lull, be sure to check us out. :)
Happy patch day Proudmoore, here's to the hope of minimal glitches and bugs when the servers are up :O

Rebound's off hiatus and eager to expand with new faces. Head to rebound.enjin.com and check us out, new friends always welcome ;)

Eager to step foot into MoP raids but not seeking a heroic progression guild? We're restructuring our ten man teams to try the raids ourselves, so those new to those raids are welcome as well!

/wave to all the Stonewall people with alts in Rebound :)
Really enjoying 5.2 and looking forward to new faces joining in on the fun!
"Let's do this."
"Boom goes the dynamite."
"Let's get ready to rumble."
Love Res
I've just seen this topic, and it interested me as I'm just arriving to Proudmoore. As I don't have any toon here, I'll consider rolling a horde toon and in that case, I'll check your website and try to apply.

Good gaming for us!
Lawl Res, great bump. :P

Howdy Hesiesh! Feel free to contact me with any questions- either in game on Caswyn, you can contact me through our website or even add my battletag in game- Sifner#1975.
No prob. As soon as I hit the game, I'll drop a message!
Sounds great. :) In other news, playing on Jurassic farming bones is tiring work. Recruitment is a welcome break! :P

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