[H] <Rebounded> Is looking for You!

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Burp. Or bump. :]
Updated the opening post with my battletag.

Updated our Guild site with a beautiful haiku on the main page.

Only one of the above is true.
Contact Caswyn in game at Sifner#1975 if you're interested in helping us renew our 10 man raid team, I can discuss potential spots with you ;D

And to everyone checking out Proudmoore as a possible transfer server, I encourage you to check out the Horde side guilds- let's build up Proudmoore Horde to the flourishing state that the Alliance enjoys :P ( We have cake.) (And steak.)
Still looking for 4 to 5 players to round out our newly rebuilt raid team. Anyone interested should read above for contact info. Rebound has great people and looking for more!!
To the moon.
To the top! Great guild with really friendly people!
when I took a break for spring semester I wasn't going to come back to wow, but then I saw Rebound was still here and I couldn't resist. They have been awesome in getting back into the game and catching up on gear.

Still the same great people! Why would you play an mmo if you don't love the group you play with?
I like my Brew.
Though I loved to be a bear
I could not stand the hair
that drifted everywhereeeee
including my new chairrr

JUST KIDDING. Same great Guild, new flavor of toon. Check us out today.

Caswyn/Charu 2013 :D
with the change from bear Rebound is now 30% less fat!
I joined this guild about a year ago, and I have never regretted my decision to spend lots of money and be a part of this fantastic community. Rebound is a guild made up of truly great people who are not only my guildmates, but also my friends. Caswyn/Charu has done a great job building by far the best guild I've ever been part of. Joining Rebound is a decision you won't regret making.


"This guild is awesome!"

"I'm so glad I finally joined this great guild!"
-Future You

"I don't really like this guild."
-No one.. ever.

(These are not paid actors)

So what are you waiting for? Make us your Rebound!
^ I don't even.
Nero's a bumpkin. In other news, cheap character Xfer/faction Xfer week, for those that have expressed interest in the Guild and/or Server. :)
Over the past year and a half I've been a part of Rebound, I've made several friendships, some of which have even traveled offline. I truly enjoy the company this guild has and all the wonderful people that contribute to its great community. I'm really looking forward to being a part of the up and coming challenge mode teams, fight nights, and raids cause, as with most things Rebound does, it'll be totally awesome ;)

I encourage anyone looking for a fun loving guild to give Rebound a try :)
I'll say they've traveled offline. ;O
Milly Bays here!

I'm here to tell you about a great guild!

Do you constantly log on and find yourself with <Rebound> not under your name?

Are you stuck at 999/1000 rep and unable to become exalted with being awesome?

Do you get frustrated because you can't find a guild leader willing to give you 1k gold every time you log in?

Well I've found an answer for all your problems!

After years of extensive research from completely legitimate scientists with valid opinions, it has been discovered that <Rebound> is the answer to all problems in life.

Don't have <Rebound> under your name? We have it!

Stuck at 999 rep? We've got the extra 1!

Not getting 1k gold just for logging in? Caswyn will give it to you!

Sound too good to be true? Don't believe me? Just ask anyone not named Caswyn or any of his alts and they will tell you that all the above statements are totally and completely true!

So what are you waiting for? Come get your awesome, 1 rep, and free gold today!
After this ^, considering I transfered one char to here to Alliance side, I'm strongly considering about rolling a new horde. xD

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