Favorite quest of all time?

Post your most favorite quest in all of Azeroth! I'll start.

"Up to Snuff" in Booty Bay. Quite a humorous quest considering the obvious drug references.


Your turn!
You've never heard of snuff?

The Day that Deathwing Came ^_^

The whole Rhea questline (fuselight) - I will treasure that egg forever, and when I get around to killing deathwing, it'll be for her.
I'm doing Badlands now :) I can't wait to see the quest :D
Rescuing Gidwin Goldbraids is a nice one.
Fallen Hero of the Horde. Classic WoW quest that starts in Nethergarde Keep and takes you all over the world.
i liked the skywing quest chain was a easy quest and get a cool pet at the end
''welcome to the machine'' is one of my favs.

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