400 hpally Ret 399 LF Heroic raid guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
X Raid Leader with 5/8 HM EX Looking for a guild that raids from 7-10.30 pm on wed/thurs/friday and monday any of them days

Id prefer the guild to be a 25man but i can join a 10man CORE group
I can play Ret and holy

also have a fire mage and disc priest both 400+ same exp as me
I'm willing to also XFer Faction and Server if need be. :)
Hi mate,

Shift are currently recruiting a Ret and a bear tank for our core team. We raid 10 man and are 7/8H. We are looking for the sort of players who want to stick put and raid with us throughout MOP and beyond, so no guild jumpers really :D. Our times/days are wed/thur/sun/mon 7.30-11pm server time, though do note once everything is on farm we will be cutting back to a 2 night schedule until MOP. If your interested chuck in an app at www.shiftguild.net or chuck us a mail ingame. Thanks
hey mate what time zone are you after? gmt +8/10/11??
Id like to speak with you when your available Napoleonqt, My guild is 4/Heroic 25man after 1 week of being 25man, all raiders are 4/8hm or more exp. My real ID is Bozqt93@gmail.com and my skype is jordan.boswood (where i am availavle 24/7 )
Hey Nap, 6/8HM working on spine(3rd plate) 10 man guild. We're in need of a Hpaladin atm, immediate raid spot is available for trials and we're interested in you!

Our raid times: Sat/Sun 2-6pm AEST(server time). If you're PST then this would be Fri/Sat 7-11pm your time.

Add me on RL id if you wanna chat: Rosefever23@hotmail.com

If you're interested give us a visit at www.wipesforsale.com

<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, and are currently 5/8HM DS 10 man. We are currently recruiting a the following classes:

Hpally or Rdruid
Raid times:
Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon
Singapore/Perth 10pm-1am
Japan 11pm-2am
E. Australia 12am(midnight)-3am
NZ 2am-5am
US East Coast 10am-1pm

Real ID: rooshilkalra@hotmail.com

Last Attempt has an opening for a healer, 6/8hm very close to heroic spine to apply

raid times 9-12 server
Hi there mate, Please add me on real i.d
Steven_mills1@hotmail.com ( Just for a quick chat )

Ajantis is a 25man Horde raiding guild on Saurfang. Ajantis started raiding on Aman’Thul in 2006 and transferred to Saurfang in 2008. Our raiding history from Zul’Gurub to Firelands, can be found here http://forums.ajantis-guild.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15244

We are a group of mature raiders with progression in mind, we aim to provide a drama free and relaxing environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We also place emphasis on raiders performance and attitude and constructive feedback is provided when necessary.

Raid times (Server time/AEST)

Wednesday : 8pm-12pm
Thursday : 8pm-12pm
Sunday : 8pm-12pm
Monday : 8pm-12pm

Attendance requirement 75%


Recruiting all classes for MOP

We are currently looking for exceptional players of all classes with the following classes in high demandMelee - ret, uh dk
Healers – pally, shammy
Ranged – spriest, ele shammy and lock
Tank - Druid, DK, paladin
A more detailed list can be found here http://forums.ajantis-guild.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15804


Mushin (general recruitment enquiry)
Riverune (Tanking)
Caldera (caster dps)
Corixa (hunter, melee)
Sarahqt ( Healer )
Any of the above officers will be able to help with general recruitment enquiry
thanks for the post guys...i think i might take a break for abit n come back when mop hits....thanks for all the post

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