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We are an alliance based raiding community here on Stormrage that has cleared 5/8 HM. We've been here for the past year. The core of the guild has been together since early TBC. (A few of the core are longtime real life friends)

We are currently looking for active raiders that wish to join and help make our community for raiding even better than it is. We are looking for raiders who communicate with the team and players who don't need their hand held. Raiders are expected to watch videos before the raid even starts. Cry babies that ask why a boss hasn't died after the 3rd time attacking him need not apply. People who raid for epics need not apply. We want players who raid for the fun of killing the boss.

Raider spots are given based on attendance. Social players fill out spots as needed. We run EminentDKP for loot distribution which is done all through the in-game addon (When we run 25 mans).

Raid days: All raids start at 8PM ST and end 11PM ST
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 10m HM run
Wednesday & Thursday - 10m HM run (2nd run)
Sunday - 10m Alt Run (Heroic possible)

Classes needed:
  • Holy Paladin
  • Warlock
  • Druid tank with DPS OS
  • All other classes feel free to apply except mages. Screw mages.

    Feel free to apply on the website. For additional information please post there.
    Yeah, screw mages!!
    Still looking for some quality raiders.
    WTB some dps!!!
    could probably use a couple more mages
    04/02/2012 11:51 AMPosted by Miniwhiteys
    could probably use a couple more mages
    I think if we get any more mages, i will stab my eyes out
    Main post edited for new raid schedule and kill update.
    I have something in my front pocket for you!!!
    could really use a couple more mages
    Still looking for a few solid raiders.
    Mages need love too. :< Just not from me.
    more mages
    What time do you raid?
    bump for solid and raiders and realszx being rank 1
    tue wed thur 8-11 server
    Still looking for a Feral Tank with DPS OS and Warlocks!!
    Still recruiting to finish out Heroic Spine and Heroic Madness as well as in preparation for MoP. Please be ready to raid and show up. If your attendance will be spotty don't even bother.

    Resto shammy w/ dps os
    Prot warrior w/ dps os

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