Georgia players?

Bleeding Hollow
warner robins
brunswick georgia. hour north of florida line.
Fitzgerald ga
Augusta Georgia.....dalaran server
Used to live in Hartwell, northeast
birmingham, AL
Not Georgia, but close! Gulf Shores, Al!
ontario, canada.

That's pretty close, eh
How do we have a Georgia thread and no one else is from Atlanta?
From north druid hills- north gwinnett- hall co. Lake lanier area.. holllla
Valdosta, Ga / Quitman, Ga also @chiayn
I don't live there right now. But I was born in Atlanta, GA. I moved up a little to TN.
Colquitt, GA here
03/28/2012 07:50 PMPosted by Euqin
You all live in like bumfuq no where why cant you live in atlanta like myself :|

Atlanta is nasty, I'll take the mountains over the trash anyday, clayton, Ga here.

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