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Need buyers for Next week!
03/29/2012 02:34 AMPosted by Valdin
you stop pointing out mah bad spelling!
I will when you stop being bad at spelling.

Flops be mad.
03/29/2012 02:34 AMPosted by Valdin
03/29/2012 02:34 AMPosted by Valdin
I am paladin poor spelling is natural to me.
must b all teh shineyy radiance-ation.
Heroic Firelands Bundle - 300k Gold, You will be carried for a Full Heroic Firelands clear and be able to have all loot you want that drops (Excluding Alysrazor mount), You will recieve the Title "Firelord" and also recieve Smoldering Egg of Millagazor.

You will hear from me in the coming weeks, sounds like a deal =)
Still looking for buyer for next week.
O.O can I come for free since I am capable of carrying myself?
nope cause if you were able to carry yourself you'd already have it ^.^
But I'm just one person =( thats why I dont have it XD
Let us know how many people actually buy this stuff!
will do.

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