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Can you carry me on Mankriks quest? I still can't find his wife.
Didn't they make Mankrik some beast as Blademaster Level 88 Elite?

Also, I'll give you 2 durries and the biggest hug you've ever seen for the mount.
I'd be keen for a 'Firelord' carry!
you would /wink
Still looking for buyers, Whisper me ingame for further details / questions no need to post here if you don't wish to ^.^
Still looking for Buyers!
Still looking for buyers for next week!
Maybe lower your prices? lol
03/31/2012 11:04 PMPosted by Ildela
Maybe lower your prices? lol

200k-300k is nothing compared to other servers.
It's cheaper on other realms but you'll have to exfer to do that sort of thing to provide the guilds with gold. So when you work it out its a pretty decent price.
I am so !@#$ing ready.

03/29/2012 07:56 PMPosted by Ildela
O.O can I come for free since I am capable of carrying myself?

Bump, Continue mailing me ingame for more info.
I'll come carry you guys if you like. I expect the mount though.
Kreyyn I saw your Hps in pvp gear from DS 10m the other night. I think you'll need to pay EXTRA if you wanted to come and or I can offer you a run through random heroics so you can atleast do somthing other than twiddle your thumbs. 10k per run sound reasonable?

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