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I told you to put forward an ap cause you got that decline from s key due to mickey + kitzie joining Whilst we were looking for a priest. But dw I think you have that Pen0r sucking sussed for bigbaddoomkin your like his biggest fan boi right?

Waiting for logs so I can see your reset ranks on nerfed content. kthx bai
Acrylic you talk tough for someone that does not post logs on the subject of pve dps, until you do and you pull more than alts you have nothing of interest to talk about.

I'm sure if you posted logs you might rank, 150+, hmu when u get that madness kill at 30%.

So i tried to recruit a spriest that recently transferred to the realm?

Oh noes get at me
04/11/2012 08:22 AMPosted by Acrylic
anything for you guen

I prefer Potato.
no denying that Rag WAS a harder fight... not anymore
But you still no kill it! plox explain in greater detail on how and why with 3 legendary staffs and rogue with daggers u still no kill.......
I don't think you understand that, 1 person can't secure progression.PvE is TEAM skill, not one person skill.Clearly other guilds have better teamwork than ours, It's not rocket science

so what your saying is your team has no skill or you saying your team just doesnt work well together (or even both)?
I mean you mentioned two different things there so im just confirming
New prices!
04/11/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Acrylic
our team is skilled enough for the progression, we just can't execute it.

So you can do it.. but you can't do it?

Something seems a bit out of place here.
You should totes get spine and madness in the coming week/s, so that we as a server can out progress Jubei'Thos and maybe even Thaurissan.
can't out progress them they have more guilds that will end up with madness, we would have to server pad the criteria
Alt run guild!
Land of Snaj just got H Spine down, should see deathwig in the next week or so.

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