(H) The Unity through Pain Tournament! TODAY!

Wyrmrest Accord
Calling all Heroes of the Horde!

Deathwing is dead, cultists are now mere annoyances and the Firelands bloom once more. You are bored, restless. You drink, you fight in the street, you whine endlessly about anything that comes to your ale addled brain. Much discussion has been had on this topic and two Houses, The Illuminists and House Sinoathien have joined to relieve some of your tedium, at least for one evening.

On April 13 at 7 bells, The Unity through Pain Tournament will begin at the Ring of Trials in Nagrand. Come release all your frustrations in a simple one on one tournament. The last woman or man standing will win a chest containing roughly two thousand gold coins and given the title of Champion of Pain. There will also be some small, very small consolation prizes for second and third place.

Fighters please contact either myself, Caellarin Dawnstar, Estherielle Sinoathien or Cosiglian Sinoathien prior to the beginning of the match or show up early to join the roster. Of course, you may also approach any wearing the colours of the two houses for further details. There is a nominal entry fee of five gold coins, payable to our Quartermaster before you may enter the ring, the proceeds of which will go to the prize chest. Bringing operatives to help you win will not be tolerated. Cheaters will be removed from the roster and will most likely be publicly humiliated, perhaps with tar and feathers or rotten vegetables.

We can’t all be fighters. Spectators are most welcome and there will be a variety of vendors serving food and drink, merchants hocking exotic wares and entertainers on hand to amuse and delight you. If you are such a soul, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to be added to the list and ensure a good spot for your booth.

Be well, Heroes!

((Real 1v1 fighting! No crybabies and no cheaters! If you are interested, hit me up here or in-game. Any of our guildies will be happy to point you in the right direction, so hit them up too. Show up at 6pm if you forget to pre-register and we’ll throw your name into the hat. There will be no set matches, we’ll draw names to see who fights who. Good Luck and Godspeed!))
((Reserved in case I forgot something!))
If its in the Nagrand arena, whats wrong with alliance going? Not like its any less anything goes. Just get someone's real ID and have them run it blue side.

I'll be an orc by tomorrow (hopefully) so either way is fine for me.
I will be there and I'll brings friends... friends who will more than likely beat me up and make me look bad....oh the sorrow of being a Strength stacking BG Hero.
It's okay dawn <3 I'll get your favorite vodka when it's all over for you. (would you mind throwing me a calendar invite by chance?)
03/30/2012 12:49 PMPosted by Carnimos
If its in the Nagrand arena, whats wrong with alliance going? Not like its any less anything goes. Just get someone's real ID and have them run it blue side.

Well, since "Unity" is the theme of the day and we don't like blue stuff...LOL. Maybe we can do another one and invite you guys along for the ride. We'll see how it goes.
And thank you Dawn for your support!
That's just inviting alliance to come crash it. I won't and I won't let AAO do it (down trolls! Bad trolls) but its only a matter of time.
Have faith in your common man Carny. I'll definitely go if I have time yo
03/30/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Carnimos
AAO do it

03/30/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Gurthoon
common man

AAO isn't "common man" they've evolved into something more, like a hive-mind.
That sounds like a lot of fun. I will put it on my guild's calendar.

And yes, Alliance may crash it. But what is more unified than all of the Horde there targeting anyone who tries, together?
Can't wait! Should be an awsome event.
Leora, a proverbial hive mind is the essence and cornerstone of good world pvp. The consummate warrior keeps his weapons close, and his friends closer. And we have Have Group Will Travel, see, so that's about as close as one can get to summoning an endless legion of slavering rogues and warriors with the touch of a button. Wait... no, not close, are. We can do that. And have. Its a beautiful thing, really... a real sight to behold. ^_^

No, in all seriousness what I was saying is that because its in nagrand arena, and the only thing limiting the event is the rules you set forth that get you kicked out if you try anything funny... well, since we can't even participate thats not exactly much of a deterrent for ally people. See what I mean?

But to be honest I just wanted to see it and didn't see why not. To each their own, I won't challenge it, we won't crash it. No worries. :)
03/30/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Aellynne
And yes, Alliance may crash it. But what is more unified than all of the Horde there targeting anyone who tries, together?

Oh, right, forgot to reply to this.

You're right, but its entirely possible (probable, if people do it, because *eventually* the enemy will bring enough friends to tip the scales) that the group that shows up is bigger then the event, or even enough to fight it. This is indeed my idea of a good time and all, but its griefing the OP's event by essentially forcing it to derail in order to kick all the blue guys out. Its not supposed to be baseless, mindless world pvp... its a tournament. Crashing it with a big raid of world pvpers would be rude and highly unsportsmanlike.

I also need to stop saying *us*, going to take some getting used to when I faction change...
oi calamitra! don't cave to alliance! let them run their own stuff! *flexes* be...Hordecore...

the reason we wouldn't invite alliance is for roleplay. lots of us don't want to roleplay with alliance *blinks* pure and simple. if the alliance ran it at the same time, i'd honestly pull my guild out of supporting *beams a smile* our roleplay is "the Alliance must die!" heh heh heh

hurrah for the event!
Bumping for a cool event
Wait... theres RP?

Ok, nvm, I'm an idiot. Carry on.
Hell, if the Alliance do happen to come, it'll make things interesting, ya know? :) Can't wait for this event!!! If this one goes well, hopefully we'll have many others!
03/30/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Estherielle

New favourite word evah!
03/30/2012 12:49 PMPosted by Carnimos
I'll be an orc by tomorrow (hopefully) so either way is fine for me.

Carn, I might kinda like you if you were an Orc, look me up... We'll party. And I don't mean to be a poker of fresh wounds, BUT...I attended an event not so very long ago that was actually designated as a "World PVP" event. "Cough" None of y'all showed up? Well, there was that dwarf shaman....poor little fella.

Also! We need vendors, entertainers and perhaps a triage unit? Fireworks? Thistle? Booze? Cupcakes? Whatever!
heh i'm so into horde that imma get a horde tattoo on my bicep in a few weeks. and every time i say hordecore, imma kiss it.

...that sounds really strange to type out...but ya...girls wiff horde tattoos rock!

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