Cool Story Bro!

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Blizzard invites all the little kiddies that all they do is play MoP for like 2 hours and then complain about stupid garbage. Give the Beta invites to the people who will actually test the game and report any bugs or problems in a proper manner.
That QQ made your story even better my friend!
im just curious how many annual passes they sold, and how many beta waves there will be?
QQ want some french cries with wamburger?
03/31/2012 04:54 PMPosted by Beerfear
QQ want some french cries with wamburger?

No he just wants a free trip in the wambulance
OP, how do you know what people are doing with their Beta invites?

Reported for spam.
You said it best:

Cool Story Bro!
These types of threads are not constructive. Locking.

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