Naming & Shaming

Is against the code of conduct. This includes naming the toon, linking to their armoury, posting image links where their name is visible.

Your much better off opening a ticket ingame and getting blizz to sort it.
someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. i assume by "naming and shaming" your talking about dont insult other peoples toons on the forum boards? or your talking something about creating a new toon with someones name and making junk posts, but you cant do that because there can only be 1 name to accounts on the same realm? so im a little lost of what you are trying to say??
I'm referring to the people that create threads on this forum that name a player and defame(shame) that player as "punishment" for suposed wrong doing in game.
Okay mum
This is the kind of thinking that has competely made the community of wow obsolete. Gone are the days of when you knew who was on your server and who to avoid. These days, especially with the addition of raid finder, people just don't give a rats !@#$ about other people any more. Ninja this... smack talk that bloke... be an absolute tool and get away with it.

You don't want people to flame ninja's / trolls? So what... everyone is suppose to sit around and do nothing when this stuff happens... best fix ever. Back in the day if someone ninja'd something or acted like a complete spanner everyone on the server knew about it and knew to avoid them.

But hey, what the hell... considering blizzard doesn't care either, I spose we shouldn't...

I love good Sh*t talking but at the end of the day, if there are people on the server who are absolute slappers I'd wanna know about it. Somethings are well above a joke. Lucky for me these days I keep to my own business and don't deal with such crap. Trololololol?

R-E-S-T-E-C-PAH! even ali G knows it's all gone :(

Those that deserve it, should get whats coming
Clean up the community... Yeah boi
Trading leg token for trinket fyi
Tell your friends who to avoid whatever.
But you think its fine for players to air their dirty laundry on the forums?

Half of these threads that call people out have no proof and are targeting people who haven't done anything wrong, I can't see how that's "cleaning up the community".

Hope your not gullible enough to believe every level 1 alt that comes snifling in here whining about a 'ninja' or troll.
Oh I don't, but that's just another example of how sad the playing community has become. Your right that people who don't do anything wrong shouldn't have to recieve crap on these forums, and I completely agree in relation to the false and childish behaviour of those who will post any dirt they can find on someone.

But what about the rest of em though? Those that actively engage in behaviour that is completely unacceptable. Lets sit back and do nothing eh? Sadly due to the childish behaviour of a few, its now wrong to point out the actions of others that people should know about?

False accusations will always occur... You say contact blizz or keep the info between your friends. But that won't solve anything... they'll still act like f-t-ards to the next group coz lets face it, your firends aint the whole sever and as for blizzard... Blizzard don't give a crap. Simple as that. I bet if you opened a ticket to inform of bad deeds they would laugh at you. There should be an out right 3 day bans for things like ninja'ing and other serious offenses but it just doesn't happen.

We are doomed to suffer a wow community of childish behaviour. Posting on the forums isn't by any means a fix to these massive community issues, but at the end of the day there is nothing else that can be done to get the word out.

I've swayed massively from the OP with what I'm talking about and sorry for the rant. But I still believe it is relevant to realise that there are MASSIVE community issues erupting - and nothing is being done about it.

Ultimately I don't really care and haven't for a while but you got to admit, things aren't right any more. With or without naming & shaming
As far as I know blizz has always been against naming anyone on the forums.
I agree people should be held accountable for wrong doing but you said it yourself the majority of WoWs population are childish enough to turn that against innocents, i'm guessing thats the only reason blizz wont allow it.

No don't sit back and do nothing, but if enough people report the same player for the same thing they will eventually get what's coming to them.
The reporting feature in-game does work and blizz can see whether your accusations are true or false. Using that and the ignore feature are pretty much the only way you can deal with bad players.

On the other hand not many people from our server visit this forum so any posts to call out a bad player will be missed by the majority of our server population anyway so in my opinion
1)it's wrong and 2)really doesn't get results.
04/11/2012 03:42 PMPosted by Delaina
As far as I know blizz has always been against naming anyone on the forums.

I can't help but think this is wrong, but I'm not sure. I remember on Aman'thul 3-4 years ago threads of this person ninja'ing this, that person taking that, where all over the forums and if sufficient evidence e.g. screenshots where provided, then the community knew who to avoid and that person wouldn't be included in runs etc.

I find it very hard to believe that considering the amount of threads created in the past that every person would have disciplinary action taken for them naming/pointing someone out, keep in mind I am only talking about Aman'thul in 2007-2010 when it was alot more populated.

Some of the old veterans from Aman'thul might shed some light on that as I'm pretty sure the OP is new to the game/server.

Also: /wave to the oldschool Lnertia crew, and those that I know in MACABRE tigga, tagar etc.

Majority of the players who played earlier on in WoW have moved on or at least don't play seriously anymore. The new wave of kids are coming through with a completely different attitude that things like cross-realm 5mans, lfr etc have fed.

Once upon a time i loved PuGing with new people, it was a great experience and 9/10 you made a couple of new friends along the way. I can't even remember the last time i made a friend while leveling. On that note, how do new players make friends these days? Even finding a guild not made for the sole reason of personal profit is a near impossible task.

:Start cool story:
I was doing a 10 man DS with friends a few weeks back and we had to pug a few, ended up with 2 rogues. Throughout the run Rogue (A) had been playing Flawlessly, Rogue (B) on the other hand had wiped us multiple times, on top of doing downright terrible damage. As it happens Rogue (B) had won 4 or 5 items so far in the run and Rogue (A) had won nothing. The Agi trinket dropped off spine and as expected, Rogue (B) won the roll.
We intervened at this point and asked if Rogue (B) would like to pass it to Rogue (A), as he had won nothing all run (Had never complained either), had been playing perfectly and it would be really nice if he could walk away with something. Rogue (B) went off his HEAD, screaming obscenity's and such at us over vent. Pretty much, it was all about him. He had won the roll and in his mind, he deserved the item.
:End cool story:

This is why i never pug anything anymore, these people are the reason.
I used to be the friendliest, happiest and most helpful player you could come across, but i guess the types mentioned in this thread are all to common now and have worn me down, along with many others.

TL;DR: People suck.
04/11/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Orchitis
Some of the old veterans from Aman'thul might shed some light on that as I'm pretty sure the OP is new to the game/server.

Gimme 5 to dig up some screenshots.

edit: Done, looks like everything older has been lost in time (On Tinypic anyway).

This was Aman'thul forums towards the end of BC, maybe very early WotLK.
As backed by those above. In its day calling people out kept everyone else in line. People understood if they stepped outta line that soon enough no-one would give attention,assitance or even group with them. Sadly I believe this is the only power the community has for dealing with this :( or should i say had. Coz it really doesn't exist here any more
04/11/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Orchitis
/wave to the oldschool Lnertia crew

Yo RK, u were be4 my time in lnertia but you may remember Runningriot from Aj if so... scrackin fool. Oh and BT wants his warriors name back... bastard, and im sure taip would love to touch tips :D
04/12/2012 02:40 AMPosted by Buntz
Yo RK, u were be4 my time in lnertia but you may remember Runningriot from Aj if so... scrackin fool. Oh and BT wants his warriors name back... bastard, and im sure taip would love to touch tips :D

Yup I remember RR from Ajantis, I've run into Taip. and BT on my alts in LFR once or twice, a while back, while they where taking a short break from SWTOR lol.

I hope all is well.
Yeah we all good man. Obviously only returned to wow 2 or 3 weeks ago so things are a little bit slow and will be for a while but overall good to see most of the ol folks back together.

Also good to see some old lnertia faces still exist where ever they might be. Playing swtor eh? heh none of us lasted on that, hope it works out for yas better then it did for us.

Anyways I should prob get my opinionated butt of these forums before I explode, bit weird posting here; been a while. Oh yeah we were talking about naming and shaming :D my bad
I am pretty new just started last year in July, so yeah that quoted line of my post probably doesn't hold much weight.
It's sad to hear that the community used to be miles better but I guess ignorance is bliss when it comes to the decline in community. I don't know how good it used to be, only how it is now. It doesn't seem so bad...

Naming and shaming may have worked back then where there wasn't cross realm dungeons and raids but it's almost pointless now, that doesn't mean you can't do anything about bad players, like I said in my last post there are other ways to handle these people.

R.I.P Octaman...
After learning the hard way what players to run or not run with rather, I usually remember the guild name more than anything. The guild I was in b4 FC wouldn't take any pug from a certain Horde guild beginning with 'C'.
I'm sure just about every single Aman'thul horde player knows exactly what guild I'm talking about.
Can't name names on forums, but maybe some1 could create a website for guilds/pug RL's to cross reference character names as to whether they're goods or bads?
Just a thought if you're computer/internet savvy :)

either way, it's a small world (of warcraft) after all

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