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:Start cool story:
I was doing a 10 man DS with friends a few weeks back and we had to pug a few, ended up with 2 rogues. Throughout the run Rogue (A) had been playing Flawlessly, Rogue (B) on the other hand had wiped us multiple times, on top of doing downright terrible damage. As it happens Rogue (B) had won 4 or 5 items so far in the run and Rogue (A) had won nothing. The Agi trinket dropped off spine and as expected, Rogue (B) won the roll.
We intervened at this point and asked if Rogue (B) would like to pass it to Rogue (A), as he had won nothing all run (Had never complained either), had been playing perfectly and it would be really nice if he could walk away with something. Rogue (B) went off his HEAD, screaming obscenity's and such at us over vent. Pretty much, it was all about him. He had won the roll and in his mind, he deserved the item.
:End cool story:

This is why i never pug anything anymore, these people are the reason.
I used to be the friendliest, happiest and most helpful player you could come across, but i guess the types mentioned in this thread are all to common now and have worn me down, along with many others.

TL;DR: People suck.

Rogue (A) didn't suck.

And you shouldn't let Rogue (B) change you.

Bounce back! You can do eet! Get out there and find and befriend those rogue (A)s.

(And don't forget to come back and write us a Happy Story. One in which Rogue (A) gets a trinket. Or you will have spread sadness and despair. And I'm sure that's not the sort of person you really want to be.)

say that word again and ill report you to oblivion
Oh my.
What is Delaina? The self appointed police of stating the obvious?

A prime example of what AT has now become. Keep on keeping on little one.
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I enjoyed that.

Would read again ¡¡!!¡¡!!¡¡!!¡¡!!¡¡!!¡¡!!

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