Ohio Players!!11!one!

Bleeding Hollow
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I live close to Ohio.

I live in Toronto.

Kinda close...
419/ Toledo area
614 - Columbus :D
Was born in 937 - Springfield, only recently moved here.
614 at the moment. Originally 440!
419 - Sandusky reporting in!
02/03/2013 06:14 PMPosted by Vze
419 - Sandusky reporting in!

Whats it like living in tourist ville?

Im a raptor guy :]
02/03/2013 08:17 PMPosted by Robfosho
Whats it like living in tourist ville?

I honestly don't even notice them, mostly because I barely ever go to Cedar Point or Kalahari.
937 fairborn go bucks
wow i should of joined bleeding hollow server b nice to join an ohio guild
937 Fairborn
Attention guy with the horde symbol on his car window today at krogers...if I see your car again parked all alone, I will destroy it the name of the alliance.

Thanks, Rob.
902, what of it?
330 reporting .....Norton!
440 - on the lakefront
440 Missing the 614
419 Wauseon
740! Fairfield County ftw
OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BUCKS

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