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I am new to wow and just came over from sw:tor. In swtor you can hang the mouse over gear in your bag. It will show you the stats on the gear in the bag to the gear on you. When i hang the mouse over my gear in wow .. It just shows the stats on the gear in my bag. Not the stats i am wearing. Is there anyway to get the game to show me my the stats of the gear i am wearing to the gear in my bag.
Hold down shift and mouseover.
When you hover over the piece of gear in your bag and hit shift it will show you what you're wearing and it will show you what you gain/lose from switching those pieces.
ok thanks ..
question .. can you make it always show without hitting shift ??
No, which is actually better because in this way, you have an option.
Not a fan of hitting shift. but it is what it is. Thanks for the info

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