Insidious Wrath

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We need more guilds and people like you who do world PvP! Hopefully one day world PvP will make a come back and actually bring some fun back to WOW.
I wish there was more world pvp. Too bad the horde side is...pushing up the daisies.
See you soon throne.
Come out come out where ever you are!!!

@ Thronezwei we'll be watering your daisies!
See you soon.
We have risen from the daisies. There are zombies on your lawn.

See you soon...
Get some.
Oh snap, it's gonne be a blitzkrieg ball!
Well, this explains a LOT, THRONE!!!! WHY YOU HATING ON HORDE SIDE!!!
LOL, you guys put Wheatly on some sort of table!?! My life is complete now, lol. Definitely talking to my very scared GM, haha, but he's probably loling right now.
WHAT!? I'm not scared. I just can't get 12 people to have fun in world pvp like you can >.>
Hi. I'm Fussy.
04/09/2012 10:53 PMPosted by Thronezwei
blitzkrieg ball

A Separate Peace?
I hope you have a comfortable chair, because we got tents and all kinds of camping gear.

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