Insidious Wrath

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Not trying to rain on your parade but, all alliance cities are basically abandoned except Stormwind.

When u planning on invading SW?! I wanna be there to mind control you.
Have you guys considered making a Recruitment Thread on the Guild Recruitment forum?

I would do something like [World PVP] Insidious Wrath recruiting for World PVP! or something to that extent as the title. Would be great to see a World PVP guild flourish on Sargeras Horde. You can be upfront about the fact that you're playing on the less-populated faction and turn that into a selling point that there will be lots of Alliance to gank.
Yeah venom sneaking around SW takes skill. Lol so your guild can pve oh wow impressive. Not hard to kill a city leader while tb is up in a ghost city... You had all your heavy hitters on behind the rest of your s@%t guild... Which is what maybe 10-15 members. Yes defend them its fine. They will never break 1600 in any bracket of Pvp. Thats why most of your guild is leaving for marbocs guild cuz their sick of carrying your $#it members
04/27/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Venombrew
1-4am because where the bragging rights on killing the King during those hours on a central time server?

It's nice to know <Insidious Wrath> value's their honor.

We have had around 12 alliancnce that did the full pay xfers for their 85s to fight with us. Some of them had 3-4 toon to xfer, thats a lot of money

They should've gotten sponsor's!
04/27/2012 10:43 AMPosted by Venombrew
as of right now its still 12.52% Horde and 87.48% Alliance, and were sacking their cities, so go cry in the corner kid.

Statistics mean nothing when it takes 10 of you're pathetic guild to kill me and 2 friends.

Try arena and get farmed crop.
04/29/2012 01:45 AMPosted by Eary
10? dude i doubt we'd need more than 1 of our players to *#!* u. ur just exaggerating cause u come to the front of org to kill lowbies and when u get jumped u run like a little !@#$%. i wouldnt talk ^-*! if u cant back it up. in fact ive never even heard of your guild. go back to pve and let the adults worry bout pvp mk pumpkin?

If you want to 1v1 me sure, i'll take off all my pve gear hell maybe even rebuy t1 pvp weps for it to be an equal fight and if you even got me below 80% i'd be almost somewhat impressed. Actually, rogue v a spriest wouldn't be a fair matchup if you want to be embarrassed, then I could hop on my undergeared disc priest alt and go shadow in disc gear without that much haste and you still wouldn't come close.

Until you have like multiple other people jump in to cover for you.

I don't need a guild to bodyguard me because I'm actually a PvPer.

It's funny if i'm just sitting on my mount in durotar and a scrub ret attacks me etc. Mop the floor with someone in your guild they rage in guild chat etc next thing you know it takes 4+ sometimes even 6 to kill 1 person. If I go and grab 2 others win a 3v6, it turns into a 3v10 etc with trade chat. It's rather pathetic when you think about it might as well be towlies world order all over again.
04/29/2012 06:59 AMPosted by Eary
Ur retarded if you think u can take me as shadow with disc gear..... you talk a lot of !@#$ but i havent seen u back any of it up. I accept your challenge get on your priest and meet me in durotar tonight and see just how good you really are lol........

How late is tonight? I 1v3ed some members of your guild with guards on me as well earlier. Boredom :(
i like catz
04/29/2012 07:07 AMPosted by Eary
Lets say 7 pm server whats your priests name?


If i'm awake i'll be there. I haven't slept yet and it's 7am trying to just load up on coffee to last the day to fix my schedule.
Eary your amazing
but it does take 3 of your guildes to kill some of the alliance in durotar.
And almost every class has an easy time escaping from you guys. Not just rouges or druids.
Your guild is filled tons of really really amazing people but there are also some dumb kids in there. which is fine. but you know.
Oh please this guild good? You show me one player in that guild that has a competitive current rating.

All they are is a bunch of scrubs with a lot of talk, 99.9% of their members will gang bang you where they have an advantage. Once they start dying they'll just call a few NPC Guards and wait till your low to attack.

You can talk all that game on how you don't care about your rating bla bla bla, If you can't get a decent rating in 2's or 3's what makes you think you're a good player? Because you beat people in duels? LOL Every single class has a advantage and disadvantage in 1v1. Gladiator or GTFO.

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