Rigorous Bipedal Genes (RBGs)

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04/05/2012 11:07 AMPosted by Iowerth
You mean the timid Dalaran Wizard who's scared of Monarch Butterflies?

They killed my parents. :'(

I love Aethun
*Shameless bump*

I think a fourth healer would be amazing. Resto shaman, pretty please! :D

I recommend to thee 1x Sinphonii. I'll ask her if she's interested and send her your way.

Not a marksman hunter, but BM.
I run with Darson all the time :3

Maybeh I come?

I'll vouch for Baileylyn too, for what it's worth. She was at my side for a lot of my early "Master of.." meta weekends, she brings the noise but MORE IMPORTANTLY she's VERY focused on battlefield objectives, switching instantly to whatever target needs to die or whatever thing the Horde wanted that needed stolen.

Ty Aibreann <3. Best war
So how about them RBGs

RBGs are on Monday at 5:30 ST. If my team and the subs could be on just in case it would be greatly appreciated :)
RBGs starting close to an hour! GET PUMPED.

So far our designated subs are


More subs the merrier. :). Please, keep the offers coming! I've written down all of those who have contacted me, and who I would like them to sub for, etc, etc.


Just because I would rather you sub for a specific person, don't think that I won't be taking you along if another of our members cannot make it that you aren't assigned to sub for.. >:D.
y u so alliance
You could use a Bobbs, but alas, he is not there to be used.

He is here sitting idly and doing nothing.
I guess I'll throw my hat in as a sub for one of the healers. If I'm online and you need me, hit me up.

Disc priest. Fully Cata geared.
4500 resil with Heart of Unliving, 5k+ with resil trink.
2100 RBG achieve/experience, 2200 achieve/exp. in 3s.
Has Skype/Vent and a working mic.
RBGs tonight, while very short, were a success. WIth a 2-1 record, I sincerely hope we can continue rising through the ranks with minimal losses and lots of wins!

I want to throw out a special thanks to Sinphonii and Veraena. You both preformed phenomenally.

Sinphonii - I am half the healer you are, and you definitely gave the enemy team's offense a run for their money when they were all over Xodium like a kindergartner snorting glue.

Veraena - Dear lord whenever you called out your CC chains I about creamed my pants. Anyone I have run RBGs with extensively can tell you that the thing I adore the most is people who aren't afraid to que up their mic and call for a peel or what they're CCing. I want to extend my thanks for that.

As for my permanents?


JUST KIDDING! XD. You all did exceptional tonight - and I am so proud of all of you for playing your heart out. Slowly, we are rising through the ratings and sit at a roughly 1680-1700 team MMR. Just remember guys. Don't over extend your healers, be smart about who you start to DPS on offense. *Listen* to Jaze, he's my eyes for offense, and he knows what to get on.

As usual, however, I thought you all did fantastic. Keep it up - and we'll all be sporting that smexy, smexy RBG warhorse and a bunch of fancy titles :D.

On a more serious note, I don't think I like anything more than seeing you guys get your title achievs. Remember guys! We're aiming for next Wendsday/Thursday for our next RBG! Same time as always - 5:30/6ST.

Thane! I cannot think of another healer I'd rather have along than the Glead of AAO. What I'm going to do is start cycling our subs out, as it seems next week we'll be down a few as well. This week we brought Sin and Ametiel along, next week I'll aim for grabbing you, the following week Sin, etc, etc, YOU GET THE PICTURE!

As for DPS? Zaeshural - you're next in line for a MDPS replacement. :D.

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate the attention this is getting, and I love the in-game mail I receive about aspiring Subs. Keep on PvPing, guys! I learn something new every time I run with you all <3.

EDIT: Also! I apologize I had to cut them short tonight. With the late start we got, coupled with IRL buisness I had to attend to - I wish we could have gone for much longer! Again, apologies, next flurry of RBGs will be longer <33
04/09/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Alandan
Sinphonii - I am half the healer you are, and you definitely gave the enemy team's offense a run for their money when they were all over Xodium like a kindergartner snorting glue.

That's how we roll.
Oh, one thing. We should switch to Skype. Soooooon. xD

I know you guys totally don't want to hear my horrible voice, but I need to be able to call things out! Vent hates me just a bit too much. :(
I'll be purchasing a new pair of headphones, WITH A MIC, sometime later this week. So, be prepared to hear my deep, manly voice.


So deep.
If you ever need me, you know how to reach me.
Thank you, Alandan, for those kind words and thank you for the invite. I had a great time. It's nice to see people having fun while doing "serious" PvP. You guys are awesome!
Still ready and available for those RBGs

Rocking the charts in the normals
Still ready and available for those RBGs

Rocking the charts in the normals

Oh don't worry - I haven't forgotten about you! You're next in line for a ranged sub position >:D.

I want to see if you live up to your reputation! :D

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