Since I'm siphoning atm for Dragonwrath, I have a handful of players who are wanting to farm weekly for the mount/title.

Could use a few more to solidify my roster here, simply needing 1 tank (as long as you're not retarded) and a few more DPS and maybe a holy paladin (comfortable solo healing is a plus, cause its easy). H Rag experience isn't mandatory but highly desired...however, 6/7 HM already completed is mandatory. The ability to not die to something trivial like world in flames and fire walls is also a huge plus. Rules are simple:

If you're a DPS and you can't pull your weight, you won't be eligible for the mount. This game is easy, please come prepared to do what your gear lets you do. If you don't feel comfortable, do not contact me.

I'll be doing these sometime on the weekend. Ingame mail me and I'll get back to you.
I will heal if you need it. I'll message you in game when servers come up.

Yes I logged out in my off spec with my fishing pole on. (ooops). :)
just add me muh doo
^you're already coming, i never said you had an option not to ;)
Hey i'd love to join
Frost DK 396
OS Blood 394
Id rather dps it but if I need to tank it I have no problem
I also have an ilvl 400 8/8H DS Warrior that would like to join for the title
His names Newsha
I feel like I'm already melee heavy but I'll see what i can do.
invite me please! :D
if u do can i have cinders?
I'll come pump the deeps. I'd prefer to bring my hunter for the 6/7 kills, then my shaman for H rag if that's okay. What day were you thinking of doing this on?
Sorry bro, Heroic Rag trinkets mine.
and So are Cinders !
Im down would like to start coming to some weekley farms let me know 45k+dps constant cheers legendaries in 1 week
I'll come dps or heal.
Sorry bro, Heroic Rag trinkets mine.
and So are Cinders !

You muuuuuust be high!
damn, wipe all day is everywhere
schme sucks, need a new ele shaman... HEHEHE
I have a 396 6/7HM Disc Priest. Available any time, or a 401 Shadow priest, No need for legendaries, Can pull my weight, and I am not retarded :) Message me in-game On Flipcrazy if interested? :)

-Flipcrazy out- ( .-.)
jumpin on that like a fat boy on a donut
fat boys dont like donuts wtf
I can come, from another realm though. I have experience of H rag to phase 4 with 20%
if u need a hunter or druid (healer or tank) let me know

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