<Keepers Of Stromgarde> is now recruiting!

Emerald Dream
<Keepers Of Stromgarde> is an RP/PVP guild that is in the process of transferring from the Venture Co server to Emerald Dream. We are recruiting all classes and specs lvl 10 and above.
Whisper Galdrik, Aucturious or myself for more details, or you can check out our website! www.keepersofstromgarde.net

Honor and Vengeance!!
Welcome to the dream.

I have study much of your history and background such as The Battle for the Keep and the encounter you people had with our counter-part Blacktooth grin of the Venture Co.

Now you face Blacktooth grin clan of the emerald dream! we too are a new guild that recently took over no time to bleed and in the process of purging the weak/useless but when we are done and ready ......I hope for a glorious battle with your guild

(( gl with recruitment and hope to see you guys soon))

p.s. we are the blacktooth grin clan of the emerald dream.

we are not affiliated with anyone from the other servers
Welcome guys. Good to see another of my favorite victims from Veco transferring over. Good luck and hope to steal your oats soon.
I wouldn't trust these people, trolls from what I remember

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