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Wyrmrest Accord
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The Society... Long since our escape from the Scourge, the Society has been there. The minds behind our war-machine and the spine of the research of our people. Our ranks, albeit great, grow stale and are in need of fresh bodies and minds to mold and create a new future, a future that sees the Forsaken prospering!
----------------------------OOC Information----------------------------

The R.A.S. is an open and friendly guild that takes pride in our role play and like to help the RP community as a whole grow better where possible. If a player is ever in need of locating role players, or wanting to learn how to role play in a proper fashion, we are here to assist to the best of our abilities.

We are a social/rp Forsaken only guild with the exception of special cases such as: Test-subjects, mind-controlled living, etc. The social aspect of the guild is a big part of who we are, so whether shy with a few witty quips, or a person who cannot shut up, you are welcome to join for company and conversation.

As of the moment, we do guild groups together for entertainment, gear, and kicks. Ignore the fact that Mort will pull you into them out of nowhere while you're doing something because she's obsessive about guild challenges.

We take part in world-PvP and even have some in guild Arena teams for those interested. (Gads this part is short... but really, we do guild arenas and such, pvp is common.)

Currently we raid old content for fun, gear, and for the sake of smacking around bosses that used to cause so much trouble. Oh Wrath content, how easy you are now...

--------------OOC RULES*--------------
*These are the rules you must follow Out of Character
Be polite to the people outside and inside the guild.
Respect. (You will note there is a period, it is mandatory and unconditional.)
No griefing, God modding, or Meta-gaming.
If you are off for a month with no notice, you will be kicked.

----------------------------IC Information----------------------------
We are always meeting up with others for RP and joining in on events, we cover the nerd and science part as well as minor diplomatic roles while also holding a standing force to be able to defend ourselves against those who would see progress lost. The short and sweet of it is, we take all sorts and welcome any who have skills that can be used to better the Forsaken. When in need of testing, developing, curing, or even fixing of anything ... we got it! Need new parts or a surgery? We cover that. Need a potion or a mixture to help with a job? We can brew them! Need that brilliant mind to help with herbs, the Society is at the ready.
---------------IC RULES*---------------
*These are rules you must follow in character or face a discipline
Respect The laws of our people, The Forsaken.
Respect the Kor'kron Overseers. (I for one welcome our new Orcish overlords *snicker*)
Attempt to respect the other races and people of the Horde in public eye, we don't care what you say behind their backs.
Don't make a mockery of our Society, act with civility.
You are the best and the brightest, so act as such.
Respect the ranking of The Society and your superiors.
04/03/2012 10:41 PMPosted by Wrest
Ignore the fact that Mort will pull you into them out of nowhere while you're doing something because she's obsessive about guild challenges.

Challenge accepted.
Bumping, awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah.
A bump for the RAS, about time you guys got something together!

Also, for anyone who wishes to know, the Society is part of a forsaken coalition of RP guilds. These guilds are the Forsaken Watchers, a deathguard escue group who commonly act as guards, patrols, spies and the like. The other being the Undercity Census, who present ourselves as the political and record keeping branch of the Dark Lady's authority.

So if Master Wrest is permitting, then I, or he shall be adding in the link to those guilds respectively, but only if he allows such. ((Though I WILL be adding a link to this page onto our own recruitment add to help our fellows in undeath. :P ))

Oh, and in a side note, Wrest, I sent moderator privelige invite and control for the three upcoming events to you, so please be sure to invite the RAS and whom you see fit. Just keep in mind that the day three event will be a closed for special for the meeting itself, though anyone is welcome to come by UC and RP about the city.
04/03/2012 10:41 PMPosted by Wrest
Don't make a mockery of our Society, act with civility.

Broke this one OOCly.
*Pokes with stick* I also posted a link to this page within our guild's own recruitment thread ^^ Not like we don't send enough people your way already... >.>

*Grumbles about lack of people wanting to RP diplomats*
Hi there!
This is off topic, completely, but it will give you a bump. Won't that be nice?
I spoke with someone on Sunday at the Thunder Bluff Story Circle about a booth at our tournament. Would love to meet with that person, or whichever would be doing it!

Oops, edit for forgetting to add that you can contact me in game. Or Estherielle.
*Smacks a rocket to the thread and bumps it to the top*
I'm totally not just posting this because Wrest told me to bump the thread. I would never do such a thing.
...I hate you all.
More than halfway down the front page?


Do note that joining the Royal Apothecary Society will make you one step closer to being as cool as me. Considering cases like Wrest and Barnabus, it is an admittedly small step, but it is a step nevertheless.
*pokes thread with a stick*
Oh hey, this thread I made... Deary me, it's falling onto page two, perhaps if I just- Aha, that'll do it.
Lets fill this thread with another corpse, shall we?
Ignore the fact that Mort will pull you into them out of nowhere while you're doing something because she's obsessive about guild challenges.

Challenge accepted.

Gear up faster! Your slacking. >3 (That's my persistant PvE mindset speaking.)

Barnabüs, this is for you:


Quite honestly, this had to be the most thrilling experience he had in awhile. Mad laughter sprouted up from his chest as the village before him burned to the ground, the horrified and angry shouting of those scrambling desperately to douse the fire rose up from below.

Oh but there was no dousing this fire with ordinary water, for this was a fire of fel-flames.

A particulary nasty looking smirk appeared on the Undead's shadowded face, as he stood looking below at the village. He relished in his inner thoughts, knowing soon that the destruction he wished to create would rain down on those whom deserved it.

He flexed his fingers, and small green flames danced around them.

"Soon, your village shall burn like the heart of the sun!"

((Edit: Hnnnngh, i shouldnt try to write stories at this time of night/morning))
Time fer ol' sals ta put in place his nifty new device.

(sounds of rummaging as he pulls out various tools, knick-knacks, tape, a hammer, a radio, half of a sandwich, a murloc, a rubber ducky, and finally....)

Let's get some new fresh meat for the guild! *tying a thread bump to a few Darkmoon Faire Balloons before letting the thread float back to the front page*

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