[H-RP]The Royal Apothecary Society

Wyrmrest Accord
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Have a little bump from me.

Ignore the small, open vial in the left hand corner. It won't have any effect on you... I think.
Deathstaker bump.

/rotates postion
New member here, and I'm happy to say that I found a guild that I could literally RP my way into.

Do not seek Death...
Oh my. I do believe you need a quick bump!
followed by another bump
"Well, well well we meet again Sals."

also, shameless bump
Oh Kroola, I'll have ever so much fun lording things over you!
Smiles sweetly.

"Of course Sals but never forget even a pawn can become a queen."
Nah, you're messing with the 'Bury now, THE 'BURY!
Holds up her finger and waggles it back and forth.

Saying in a both coy and somewhat condescending voice:

"Temper, Temper Mr.Salsbury that was my last opponents failing and I have such high hopes for you."
Thank you to all our members that showed up to the meeting last night. It is much more comforting for me to stand awkwardly in numbers, than standing awkwardly alone.
I may want to join on my Forsaken Priest that I rolled recently. If you don't mind a wee low level Shadow Priest with you guys.
I think we have a level 20 restriction, but otherwise moar bonez!
Patch day bump
bumpity bump
Damn, we make this look good.
Another bump from Your Frendly Neighborhood Deathstalker.
08/30/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Marlies
Damn, we make this look good.

....Your.... your goggles....

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