[H-RP]The Royal Apothecary Society

Wyrmrest Accord
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*Sals is standing, one foot resting on a chair, his jacket slung behind his shoulder. Another forsaken walks up to him, hands him a paper, and Sals grins, signing it. He hands the paper back as the forsaken walks off. Then he faces the crowd.*

Hello, my fellow Horde. In dark times we face uncertainty and doubt. I feel your pain as much as anyone. But let me assure you, in any time as grim and dark as these, the Royal Apothecary Society are nothing more then valued allies and good friends.

I implore you to look past the sinister aspects and open up your hearts. I know I did, and I'm a better gob today.

My name is Salsbury, and I believe in Harvey Den--- er,......the Horde.

*This message paid for and brought to you by the committee to put salsbury on tv. Salsbury may or may not believe in the Harvey Dent. All negative comments taken are to be blamed on piss-poor writers. All positive comments are to be praised in salsbury's genius. This message may or may not be endorsed by the Horde.*
Don't make me repeat myself........
I'm attracted to this guild
It's an attractive guild, why not approach some of the fine folk? See about joining.
*chewing on some orc's arm* Mmfrm Mmf! Mhurgl Mhehmum!
*hands wrest a platter of assorted gnome bits and appendages*

Try my latest in Forsaken junk food, called "Gnom Gnoms"

Their finger foods.

Get it?

*stares blankly, the sound of crickets can be heard.*
*fishing at a lake, cooks all the goodly fish*.

*nudges thread*.
C'mon Sals, Reach your 80th season! *pumps fist*.

I will be 80 soon, soooo, we should party and have beers and bring along Nethal to be the token drinking guy.

(This message is a disguised bump.)
Bumps for a group of creepy, sneaky, and most likely dangerous group of Apothecaries... Love you guys :3
*sals clings to level 70 for dear life*

B-b-but.....RP! I MUST RP!
*Pokes thread with her !@#$%^ stick* Up you go!
*Pokes Sal as well* And you to!

Edit: Huh, I did not know the name for anime !@#$ was a censored one... Interesting...
ya, it's the same as I saw someone post the word g@@#*vine, and apparently g@@#* is impossible to say.
*loads his pistol intimidatingly as the thread retreats far, far away from the potentially explosive end it would suffer otherwise*
I do have a undead warlock looking for a guild on Wrymrest, I've had about 3 years of RP experience.
*Pokes with stick*

Also, I would recommend hanging around in UC or brill if you want to get in touch with an RAS member. On the other hand, being leader to one of their ally guilds, I could help you get set up with an appointment with an Apothecary, or a Watcher if you wanted something more militaristic.

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