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Wyrmrest Accord
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07/19/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Emmberr
Wrest isn't in charge anymore? I didn't care much for officers using their rank as an excuse to force me to dance.

No, no more dancing of that sort.. Now, pick up that book and hand it to me. *laughs*

Also was shown something interesting on the Worlds End Tavern, I would suggest reading it (and maybe requesting a sticky for it) if you enjoy forsaken RP!http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6036884687#1

Read, loved, also requested a sticky for it. Anyone interested in Forsaken RP should have a quick gander at it.. good for the bones.
Did I mention this quest was timed?

taps fingers together
*Picks up book, turns to hand it over. Is about to deliver the book, then it burts into felflames*
Ooopsy! So I get a do over on that quest?
Bump! And an interesting Forsaken Pride video I found...
Gah! Catt! That was my photo ablum! No, you don't get to do it again!!

Also, that Forsaken Pride video was.. delightful.
If you thought that was good, you should see the one I linked to Crest and the Watchers.
bumps all around!
Oh, I replace all your potions stock with bubblegum. No, no. No need to thank me, just helping out, like usual.
Why does this not suprise me..? You are only hurting your own supplies with that, you know..
Actually, thats an awesome idea! Combining the healing properties of a potion, with the long lasting-ness of bubble gum!

*gets the pattent before Sal or RAS does*
Meh, you can have that one. It's only one of a gazillion ideas I have. Besides, Mort, I'm not hurting my supplies, I'm improving them. It's called Fraud. You sell them a potion, they get bubblegum. Thanks to my team of lawyers and one really mean looking orge, I can bypass any judiciary process.
The gum would hardly be able to contain its consistency in most of the potions we have lying about in the Apothecarium. It would dissipate within moments, leaving behind chemicals that could have a reaction to said potion, possibly rendering the potion useless if not harmful! You should know better than to mess with my vials. *tsks*
Bah, I know what I'm doing Mort.

Sals casually throws vials around, while he turns his head and speaks to Mort. Several hit the floor or wall and sizzle.
...would the society have a possible opening for another warlock who not only is an essentric scientist, but also a practicing psychiatrist?

...or maybe a rogue that is a result of an experiment and a few years of operant conditioning?

...I do have a few ideas.
Both of those ideas stated are more than welcome in the Society. We tend to stand around in the Apothecarium, located in Undercity and Brill! Simply speak to any Apothecary and we will help you along the way, perhaps give you an invite to our OOC channel to chat about your ideas amongst the ranks!

*looks at Salsbury* Perhaps I shall visit your office, or wherever you have been working on your machines, and simply start to meddle about in there. *she watches the vials fall to the floor and hisses something about Goblin's*
How about a undead Gilnean? Whose twin sister is a Worgen?
Sals quit breaking things I am probably the one who will have to clean them up.
Looks back, grinning. He continues to randomly move his hands over stacks of paper, knocking them over and rummaging through things, while looking at the forsaken.

What? Mess up MY machines? Bah!

Oh, and Kroola, you should thank me. It'll be good for you. Builds character.

Now, where is my flammable wallet? I placed it here somewhere.....
08/02/2012 07:02 PMPosted by Mausolia
How about a undead Gilnean? Whose twin sister is a Worgen?

You're in luck, my dear. We're currently running a "Recruit one, get one half-off" sale for up-and-comers.

Now, where is that delightful sibling of yours? *Revs bonesaw*

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