Blackened Defias set removed

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On what planet was it ever a good idea to remove the Blackened Defias leather set in the same patch that brought us Transmorg ?

Do (rogue) players not deserve a plain black leather set or must we "assasins of the night" be forced into the shadows in gaudy yellow and orange armour ?

Please be sensible and give the rogue players what they want and return their only fully plain black leather set at your earliest convenience.

Yours truely
Annoyed rogue.

P.S - While you are at it, all classes deserve to have a choice of a plain black set in their armour class.....grrr.

I didn't even realise is was gone. I loved this on my Hunter while leveling.

They should also be bringing in transmogs for lower armour ie plate should be able to xmog mail, leather > cloth, mail > leather. It's rather disappointing when you had a set that was enjoyable thru the leveling experience, only to not be able to xmog to it at 85 (Defias is a great example, along with the Scarlet Crusade mail set).
I have a few unbound pieces of Blackened Defias in my bank still. Didn't know it was gone.
Wow. Please bring it back Blizz. Why was it necessary to remove the set ?
I am glad I had not deleted it just to free up space for 5 slots in my bank/bags been tempted though. whew. BUT srsly of all the bop/quest reward overpowered stat-changed grandfathered items that had been removed WTH why the DEFIAS set?
i have the gloves and belt still thats sucks bring them back plz
I was doing the deadmines last night and i got the blackened defias leggings, does that mean the whole set is back or were the leggingss never removed?
I never really had a problem with bank storage, so I kept my Blackened Defias gear long after I'd outleveled it.

Very glad I did, it's an awesome set.

It would be good if there was some sort of similar alternative for those who made characters after the cataclysm.
Well there sort of is, you just have to mix and match. The Scouting set has some good items.

For my set the Bandit boots and gloves aren't perfect, there's some in Kara that are a better match, but they haven't dropped yet.

And The Lobotomizer has a black pulsing glow that hides Landslide, yay! The old pvp weapons bought with honor are excellent for transmog with some neat models.
Saved full set with the mask and rapier ... :D

now I just regret paying for the race change to goblin ... I want to be an Orc ... QQ
Still got it. Came back after an 8 moth break and noticed i still had then i googled and found this topic
I am highly disappointed in Blizz for removing this set. What is the point?? I would have instantly transmorg'd my top set into looking Defias... My assumption is it has to do with the storyline and Edwin Van Cleef being dead or something.... LAME
Yeah Bliz, you need to bring it back and make it to were we can sell it. I would love to have it again. Also I had the complete Scarlet set for my warrior. I hope you guys didn't remove that too. I would love to have my rogue transed into it with a cool hood. I hope you guys put it back!!!
Yeah man, I cried a little inside when this set was removed fro mthe game.....

And the fact that I cannot transmorg the defias facemask thing either.

I like your name!!!!!!
I've got the set, just on the wrong toon. My druid has it so i use it for my DPS transmog set. found some nice shoulders and a black mask to go with it. just armory me for the full look :p one of the best sets in the game IMO.
bump because this armor set needs to be brought back! ohhh pllleeeaaassseeee
So devostated.... bring me the DEFIAS
Set was soooo goood.
I too want the set back. I was preparing to make a hunter just so I could go and get it. then I found out it is unavailable. Not cool blizz.... now I'll never want to make a Hunter :(
It would be nice to look like a rogue and not a celebrity endorsed athletic shoe. :(

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