[A] Selling Firehawks+HDW+T11, Spot tonight.

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I contacted Glitter via email and within a few hours we were talking. Lucky for me his team had a run open tonight and within just a few hours after contacting him, I had my mount and title. Quick run, no bs, and if you aren't a master of the fight they walk you through it during the fight.

I also had one of the oddest forms of in-game payments ever and they accepted it. Contact them, reasonable people, reasonable prices.
Bump, thanks for the kind words!
We have two buyers lined up for this upcoming week, but doesn't mean you can't get in for Tier 11 and the weeks after!
We have an opening for a mount tomorrow! Decix8@gmail.com
Sent you a RealID request, have a few questions. Hopefully we can work something out!
Will be online soon.
Didn't get the request it seems, decix8@gmail.com Try email for now.
At rag now.
Resent the RealID request. If this one doesn't go through for whatever reason, I'll email you directly.
Email me please.
We have a lock out at rag for tonight!
Open mount, quick run tonight. Get in contact with me!
Open mount, at rag tonight.
Good dudes! Thanks for the Rag kill!
Let's get some more buyers in line!

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