CATA raid?

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So what is the quickest, shortest Cata Raid?

Feel free to be wordy.
Throne of the four winds 2 bosses not verry long fights
Baradin Hold. Does that really count though?
04/04/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Helagoth
Baradin Hold. Does that really count though?
it is still longer than throne of the 4 winds
on my server BH has become a joke...PUG grouping takes longer than the End boss fight.
Generally just go straight to the last boss for a shot at CATA gear.
More bosses, but probably about the same or less time to complete BH. Probably less, because a guy asking "what's the shortest raids" probably hasn't done them, so will wipe once or twice. And it's much less likely to wipe in BH.

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