Weekly Heroic BWD/BoT/Tot4W/FL runs

Anyone know how I can go about finding a weekly Heroic T11 and Firelands group? (For transmog and gold etc)

(Have 8/8 Heroic DS, 7/7 Heroic FL and 13/13 Heroic T11 on my main) but not sure where to find other people that are geared and experienced that would be interested for weekly Heroic T11 and FL clears...
I will be interested in doing H BwD/BoT and 4winds starting next week or two. LMK
394 boomkin W/ 398 resto OS(Its my main but I want to raid as boomy can go resto if needed) I am very interested in HM t11

12/13 experience 7/13 killed
I am interesting on running those Heroic, also running them in normal to do the Achiev. If you start a group, let me know.
I'll tank


^ on main while relevant

altair_timaeus@hotmail.com btw
I would go as well to the T11/FL Meta achieves
You could make a post on www.openraid.us, it is a website developed for those people who want to perform cross-realm raiding!

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