Death Knight
Duelwielding Souldrinker as blood tank.
not worth it

can we not? PLEASE? as a birthday present to me, from the dk community, I would be forever grateful if this thread stopped here.
Anyone who brings up DW DK tanking gets their account deleted upon pressing enter and submitting the thread.

NOok, For real now.NO
ok now lets stop commenting. I dont care if you say yes or no, just stop. Let this thread sink to the next page before it gets to be 4 pages long.
I hope they bring DW Blood Tanking back in MoP. But under the current system it's just not feasible.
Duelwielding Souldrinker as blood tank.

DW Souldrinkers while Blood FCing (with Fallen Crusader)

does give hilarious results though

1 death strike can heal you upwards of 42% of your health

Fallen Crusader proc x2
Souldrink procx2
Death Strike

its actually incredibly stupid self healing with the amount of Worms you spawn as well while DWing. not like your there for the damage.
04/05/2012 04:24 PMPosted by Leuts
I hope they bring DW Blood Tanking back in MoP. But under the current system it's just not feasible.

what do you mean back? it was never better to begin with...
as a matter of fact from the looks of beta they are attempting to put the final nail in its coffin by making scent of blood only affect mh hits.
no no no no!!! make it stop!!
Thuderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?*runs like hell*
Oh look, it's THIS thread again.

I think XT has a quote for this.

ok, i agree that its a nightmare to see this thread again, but by saying so YOU ARE KEEPING IT ON THE FRONT PAGE!! if you dont like these threads, stop commenting on them saying so!
I am going to try it out next week for giggles.
Time for my weekly LoL
I hate topics that read like a title and follow with "discuss". Discuss.
Immma hijack this thread.

Confirming strength pole arms would be nice. I shall dub it the be-cool-stick. As for dw; i'm surprised they haven't given all the trees the option instead of making it two talents in frost as some class base skill. But anyway, I'm amazed this class even bothers with dw'ing
Wow, thx for the hate Aholes. It was an innocent question, sorry I dont stalk the forums for other threads similar to this. I just thought that it would be viable cuz of the massive self healing. Not to mention, stats on a dk weapon arent as essential as on another tanks weapon, since their not tanking stats (imo at least, dont hate if u dissagree). as long as its runed I didnt think it would make much of a difference.

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