(H) <Archetype> now recruiting dps/heals

Bleeding Hollow
Archetype is a horde guild on Bleeding Hollow, recently transferred from Nathrezim. Our guild is focused on progression, achievements as well as PvP. We are currently a 10m raiding guild, and our raid schedule is Tues-Thurs 8st-12st. We are also recruiting skilled and geared players for RBGs on the weekends.

Archetype was formed on Nathrezim in 2010. Many of our raiders have been playing together since TBC, or Wotlk. We are looking to find more people that have the same progressive, and positive attitude towards raiding or pvp that our guild promotes. Archetype can offer a stable, mature, yet fun, raiding environment. We do take our raiding somewhat seriously and only reliable and focused players will be accepted.

We're are currently looking for (DPS) Warlock, Elemental Shaman. (Healers) Holy Paladin, and Resto Druid. Regardless of whether or not you fall into that class/role category, all exceptional players will be considered.

Please feel free to look us up at http://thearchetype.guildlaunch.com or send an in game tell to Delphinine, Wraithist, Arco, or Deluge with any questions you may have. Archetype looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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