Worst Plot Twists Blizz Could Possibly Do

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Wow servers shut down. SC2 servers shut down. Diablo 3 is canceled.

TITAN launches Christmas 2012.

It's $80.

$24.99 a month. And combines all three universes. Thrall becomes a marine. Raynor is crowned king and marries Sylvanas, uniting the horde and Alliance.

Malfurion rules Sanctuary.

Diablo is the Old Gods.
Sylvanas gets redeemed, Forsaken gives flowers to all the people they wronged and we instantly forgive them. We live happily ever after in the Undercity until they start experiementing on us. Thrall will of course ignore all of this, continuing to believe that all is well.

Jaina marries Lor'themar to give him some importance.
04/07/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Scottydem
Sylvanas is killed and replaced by Lillian Voss.

That wouldn't be bad in my opinion.
Gamon is the avatar of Sargeras.
For thousands of years the very souls of the beings of Azeroth have been trapped in the old gods' master plan a "circle of destiny" if you will. However, there is one threat to their plan...

The Lich King

He is not of Azeroth and his soul was bound to his armor making him the one truly free willed being on the planet. Bolvar must now battle the true enemy in an attempt to defy the tyrannous stars.
Sargeras is actually leading the army of the Light and it is the Titans that truly run the Burning Legion.
04/08/2012 09:43 PMPosted by Vedronys
Gamon is the avatar of Sargeras.

... You know, that actually makes sense.

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