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Beta club, huh?

And what's this I hear about Pandaren starting zone trouble? <trollface>

Of course, I was in the second wave, so it wasn't as bad for me when I first started. :D

Edit: And I'm guessing you guys rolled Horde on your Pandas? Maybe?

Edit2: Lost Isles(US): Cameal, Cammybear (among others)
Mekkatorque(EU): Cameal, Cammybear (among others)
04/06/2012 07:15 PMPosted by Attacked
alliance are for noobs. Ofcourse horde ;3

Hahaha! Well, okay. If I can even get my new Pandaren past the starter quests, I'll be rolling Horde. :)
At the end of the Panda starting zone, I thought "Skyfire Crash Site" was the one from DS. I was actually sad to see it wasn't. :(

I heard that everyone had gotten their invites after the 250k wave this last weekend. Except Talv of course.

Maybe I should've put "First Wave Club" but then I'd be lonely in the thread :(
I still don't have mine. All I want to do is spam pickpocket on that gronn in Nagrand, but no, no beta for me.
For those who aren't in the beta still, I do have a stream I try to use every now and then.

There are other streams from people in the beta as well. It's on You can do a search for Mists of Pandaria Beta livestreams if you're itching to see some live panda-leveling action.

Mine is under the username Cammy_Bear and it's here:

I'm leveling as a Mistweaver, and I've already gotten up to level 56 on one. If you have questions or want to see MW spells or icons, feel free to ask. I don't mind.

Just remember that there will be a delay between what I say here at home and what you guys see, due to the whole having to upload from here and then you guys having to download the video stream.

This one's Alliance only because I wanted to join the Fluffy Bunnies guild from MMO-Champion. But I will also roll a Horde one afterwards to see the Horde experience. :)

Have fun!

Edit: P.S.: I'm getting ready to jump on in a few here, as well, in case you're wondering.
just got my invite. no characters made yet.
My expected name on Lost Isles. It'll be a while before my copy of Beta is downloaded well enough to actually do anything, though.

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