395 resto druid/400 rogue/385 hunt lf h guild

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Hey im currently 3/8 heroic on rogue and want to get further in dept and my server is not getin any progression so i was lookin for heroic guild for one of my toons witch ever u need i have 395 druid restoration, 400 non legendary rogue i geit legendaries in 2 weeks, and 385 survival hunter i jus got him to 85 like 2 weeks ago if anyone is interested in any of these toons let me know .
As Resto Druid for now

Church of RNG
Us-Cho'gall Horde 25 man - 6/8 HM
Tuesday-Thursday 8pm - 12am CST

Please message me back on my real id sephirofl@gmail.com
Ill keep it short <Solitude> 3/8HM with sub 2% wipes on Zonzz first night one him
Raids: Tues and Weds 7-11pm central
Would like to check out your resto druid you can reach me on real id at kasheik@yahoo.com or on skype kasheik.wint
<Geared> (25) 3/8HM attemptign up to 6/8HM
Recruiting 1 Healer (prefer Hpally or Resto Druid) to finish off Heroic DS10man and get ready for MOP Content

All members are Geared, Active and Competent!!!!

Server: Nerzhul (horde)
Raid Times: Saturday 7pm PST and Sunday 4pm PST
Gear: 390+ Equipped Item Level
EXP: At least 1/8 Heroic Mode
Competent: Do not be a Dumbass!!!

If interested reply here with contact info
hey im interested let me know more and im mostly topping charts without running out of mana or even running below 50% mana none the less
If you are still in need a new home, Icon {25-H} from Shadowsong is in need of a consistent healer for our core group. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6:30- 9:30 PST. Currently 5/8 H DS. Would like to talk to you if interested. My realID is (ddifran@udel.edu). Also, have an alt run every week that is more relaxed.

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Thanks for your time,

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